Date Class Calendar Lecture Notes Reading
Mar 29, M Introduction: Course Overview and Organization lec1.pptx, lec1.pdf No assigned reading
Mar 31, W Intro: History and Evolution of Operating Systems lec2.pptx, lec2.pdf Optional: Unix, Atlas, CCTS, THE, Multics
April 2, F Intro: OS Basics and Processes lec3.pptx, lec3.pdf Chapter 2, Chapter 4 and Chapter 6
April 5, M Intro: OS Basic II lec4.pptx, lec4.pdf Chapter 26 (Threads)
April 7, W OS Models: Extensible OS lec5.pptx, lec5.pdf Required: Spin (critique)
April 9, F XV6 guest lecture by Xuezixiang Li
April 12, M OS Models: Extensible OS (II) lec6.pptx, lec6.pdf Required: L3/L4; Recommended: Exokernel; Mach, L3 to seL4
April 14, W Concurrency: Scheduling I lec7.pptx, lec7.pdf Background: Chapter 7, Chapter 8
April 16, F Concurrency: Scheduling II lec8.pptx, lec8.pdf Required:Lottery scheduler (critique), Activations (Required), Recommended:CFS, Stride scheduling
April 19, M Scheduling 3: Scheduling on multi-core and data centers/cloud Wasted cores slides, Hawk Required: Decade of wasted cores,Recommended:Hawk
April 21, W Concurrency: Synchronization introduction lec9.pptx, lec9.pdf Chapter 26, Chapter 28, Chapter 31
April 23, F Concurrency: Synchronization II lec10.pptx, lec10.pdf Locks (Required/Barriers optional; i.e., skip section 3 and section 4.4), Recommended:Non scalable locks are dangerous, Little book of semaphores (not required)
April 26, M Concurrency: Synchronization III lec11.pptx, lec11.pdf Recommended: Memory Barriers: Hardware view for Software Hackers
April 28, W Concurrency: Memory consistency models; start RCU lec12.pptx, lec12.pdf Recommended: Memory consistency models, Linux discussion of memory barriers
April 30, F Class Cancelled; may schedule make up
May 3, M RCU lec13.pptx, lec13.pdf RCU(Critique), Recommended: RCU a decade later
May 5, W OS Models: Multicore OS I lec14.pptx, lec14.pdf,Barrelfish slides Required: Barrelfish,Recommended: DISCO, Corey, Barrelfish MSR talk
May 7, F OS Models: Multicore OS II Linux Scalability talk,LegoOS Required: Linux scalabilityRequired:LegOS, Recommended:SEDA
May 10, M File systems (I) -- Introduction lec15.pptx, lec15.pdf Chapter 37, Chapter 39, Chapter 40
May 12, W File Systems II; FFS, LFS, WAFL lec16.pptx, lec16.pdf Required:, WAFL Recommended:LFS, FFS, JFFS, AFS
May 14, F LFS/NFS lec17.pptx, lec17.pdf, WAFL Required: NFS
May 17, M Distributed Systems lec18.ppt, lec18.pdf HDFS (Critique due May 20), Recommended: GFS
May 19, W Exam review
May 21, F Consistency Models lec19.ppt, lec19.pdf
May 24, M Consensus/Paxos Paxos simplified, lec20.ppt, lec20.pdf 2PC vs. Paxos
May 26, W Distributed FS COPS slides Required (Critique): COPS, Recommended: Arrakis,CalvinFS
May 28, F Topics: Virtualization lec21.pptx, lec21.pdf Required (Critique):Xen and the art of virtualization
May 31, M Class off Memorial Day
June 2, W Containers lec22.pptx, lec22.pdf Required:Docker, Recommended: LXC,HyperUpcalls
June 4, F Serverless Computing