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    Lectures: Tuesday and Thursday 2:10 to 3:30 WCH 141

  • Date Class Calendar Slides (if any) Reading
    April 4, T Introduction: Course Overview and Organization lec1.pdf (1)How to read a research paper (Mitzenmacher) (b) (Keshav), (2) How to write a great research paper (video)
    April 6, Th Attack Overview lec02.pptx Recommended (no required reading): Buffer Overflows, Cowan et al 2003, Eternal war in memory (2013), Integer overflow attacks (2002), Format string vullnerabilities,Reflections on trusting trust
    Apr 11, T Special Topic: what do attackers want? lec03.pptx Recommened: Dissecting Android Malware,Mobile Malware, Survey of Mobile Malware (2011), Measuring pay-per-install (Usenix Security 11), Exploit as a service, Cost of Cybercrime, Dread pirate Roberts!
    Apr 13, Thu Code Reuse Attacks and defenses lec04.pptx Required (submit summary on iLearn)Geometry of innocent flesh on the bone (ROP), Recommended: Return-oriented programming without returns, Deep Randomization defenses
    Apr 18, T Code Reuse Attacks II lec05.pptx Required: Signature based defenses, Recommended: Control Flow Integrity defenses, ROP is still dangerous (usenix 14)
    Apr 20, Thu Architecture Side Channel Attacks and defenses lec06.pptx Required (Critique on iLearn): LLC attack Recommended:Cache redesign (defense), jump over aslr (attack), NoMo cache (defense), Cache games (attack)
    Apr 25, T Side Channel Attacks (cont'd) lec06.pptx (cont'd) Required (summary on iLearn): Attacking masked AES, Intro to DPA, Software mitigation
    Apr 27, Thu Analog side channels lec07.pptx, lec7b
    May 2, T Class cancelled
    May 4, Th Physically unclonable functions lec08, PUF Myth? PUF intro, PUFs myth?, SRAM PUF
    May 9, T Isolation and Confinement Sankha presents openSGX lec09 Required (Summary on iLearn): Hyperwall Recommended: SGX,TrustZone
    May 11, Th Isolation (II) Yuzhuo presents Haven, Kiran presents hardware trojans lec10 Recommended: Haven, Cloud visor, Open SGX, Flicker,
    May 16, T Access Control Models lec11, nimp,Cheri presentation, Cheri talk Required (Summary on iLearn): Cheri, NIMP
    May 18, Th Information Flow Tracking; Memory bounds checking lec11 Required Hardbound, Recommended: Raksha,SIFT,DISE
    May 23, T Secure I/O and Firmware Nael @PADS (Chun-Yu presents DMA malware), (Ahmed presents USBfilter) Required: Securing DMA, Viper, DMA Malware, Hard drive backdoor, Embedded Firmware Security, USB Filter
    May 25, Th Hardware Trojans Nael @PADS (Esmaeil presents hardbound) survey, silencing hardware backdoors
    May 30, T Malware and Intrusion Detection lec14 MAP
    Jun 1, Th Embedded/IoT Embedded Firmware Security, Security of IoT, FlowFence Required (summary on iLearn): Aegis, Rethinking computers for Cybersecurity
    Jun 6, Tu Fault Injection Fault injection Shafi presents Rowhammer, GLIFT, Bellcore attack, DirectTV/black sunday, DirectTV hacks, Google Project zero rowhammer exploitFlip Feng Shui, One bit flips, one cloud flops
    June 8, Th Security for Emerging Systems Ashmika presents automotive (or medical) device security paper automotive Required: Sankha? presents automotive attack surface, Ashmika choice of Medical device security survey, or Non-invasive security for medical devices