• Feb. 2024 Ahmed's paper wins the "Zoox Autodriving Security Award" at VehicleSec -- congratulations!
  • Feb. 2024 New paper on shared state AR/VR attacks accepted to Usenix security'24 -- congratulations, Yicheng, Erfan and Pedram!
  • Jan. 2024 Multimodal Jailbreak paper accepted as a spotlight paper (5%) to ICLR--congratulations Erfan!
  • Nov. 2023 Erfan's multimodal LLM Jailbreak paper wins best paper award at SoCal NLP symposium (3/155 papers) -- congrats, Erfan!
  • Sep. 2023 Yicheng and Carter's AR/VR attack work (AR/VR counters, and head motion sensors) in the news!
  • Aug. 2023 Core graph paper accepted to Eurosys'24 -- Congrats, Xiaolin and Mahbod!
  • July 2023 Paper on evolving graph acceleration accepted to Micro'23--Congratulations, Chao and Mahbod!
  • Mar. 2023 Sankha's paper on Multi-GPU side channels accepted to ISCA'23--congratulations!
  • Feb. 2023 Paper on detecting adversarial patches accepted to CVPR'23 (collaboration with Ihsen and Bilel)!
  • Feb. 2023 Two papers accepted to Usenix security on AR/VR security (with Jiasi). Congratulations to Yicheng and Carter!
  • Jan. 2023 I will serve as co-General chair for ASPLOS'24 with Rajiv!

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  • Teaching

    Current Lab members-- I work with the following talented group

    Past PhD. Students/Postdocs

    • Abdulrahman Bin Rabiah, 2023, Lucid (co-advised with Silas Richelson)
    • Ahmed Abdo, 2022, Advanced Physics Lab., John's Hopkins University
    • Esmaeil "Reza" Mohammadian Koruyeh, 2022, Samsung Research
    • Sankha Dutta, 2022, post-doc, PNNL
    • Shafiur Rahman, 2021, Facebook (co-advised with Rajiv Gupta)
    • Hodjat Asghari Esfeden, 2021, Google
    • Hoda Naghibijouybari, 2020, Assistant Professor, Binghamton University (CS)
    • Fatemah Alharbi, 2020, Assistant Professor, Taibah University, Saudi Arabia
    • Khaled Khasawneh, 2019, Assistant Professor, George Mason University (ECE)
    • Israat Tanzeena Haque, 2016-2018 (post-doc), Assistant Professor, Dalhousie University (CS)
    • Dmitry Evtyushkin, 2017, Assistant Professor, College of William and Mary (co-advised with D. Ponomarev)
    • Jesse Elwell, 2016, Vencore Labs (formerly Bell Labs/Telecordia; co-advised with D. Ponomarev)
    • Ketan Bahulkar, 2016, Assistant Professor, Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, India (co-advised with D. Ponomarev)
    • Mehmet Kayaalp, 2015, Assistant Professor, University of New Hampshire, (co-advised with D. Ponomarev)
    • Meltem Ozsoy, 2015, Intel Security and Privacy Lab. (co-advised with D. Ponomarev)
    • Jingjing Wang, 2014, Hulu (co-advised with D. Ponomarev)
    • Adnan Majeed, 2014, Facebook
    • Vikram Munishwar, 2013, Cisco
    • Seon Yeong Han, 2010, Research Assistant Prof., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
    • Saquib Razak, 2009, Teaching Associate Prof., Carnegie Mellon University
    • Weishuai Yang, 2008, Bloomberg
    • Vinay Kolar, 2007, IBM Research
    • Ke Liu, 2007, Barclay's Bank
    • Sameer Tilak, 2006, Research Scientist, University of California at San Diego
    • Paul Rogers, 2006, IBM

    Selected Recent Professional Service