Hi! I'm Jiasi Chen, an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of California, Riverside. I received my Ph.D. from Princeton University in 2015 (advisor Mung Chiang) and my B.S. from Columbia University. My hometown is the lovely city of Halifax, Canada.

My research interests include computer networks, mobile systems, video analytics, and augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR). My projects typically involve some combination of mathematical optimization and systems implementation. I am a recipient of an NSF CAREER award (2020), Meta Faculty Research award (2021), and Best Paper Finalists at ACM SenSys (2019) and IEEE SECON (2020). I'm also a co-founder of our wonderful ACM-Women chapter and the Equity Advisor for the Bourns College of Engineering.

Email: jiasi [at] cs [dot] ucr [dot] edu
Office: WCH 327
Office hours: Mondays 2-3pm (Fall 2022)

Please visit my new website here!


  • 2/2023: Two new works on AR/VR security will appear in USENIX Security'23. Congrats Carter and Yicheng! Joint work with Nael Abu-Ghazaleh.
  • 11/2022: I will be joining the University of Michigan EECS department in Fall 2023! Edit: Fancy new website is up.
  • 10/2022: Paper is accepted to ACM CoNEXT on multi-user AR with offloaded visual-inertial SLAM. Congrats Aditya, Xukan, and Yunshu!
  • 10/2022: Paper is accepted to ACM SenSys on infrastructure-free multi-user AR with SLAM and DNNs. Congrats Kittipat!
  • 10/2022: Gave a talk on "Side channel and location teleportation attacks for AR/VR" at Meta Hacktober.
  • 6/2022: Received a DoD equipment grant on "Learning Human-Robot Interaction Through AR/VR Technologies" to support our research.

Research Topics

Machine learning with edge computing

The goal is to make powerful machine learning methods such as deep learning run quickly on mobile devices. My approach leverages nearby edge computing and adapts the mobile device’s configuration based on feedback signals from the machine learning. This enables mobile devices to satisfy application requirements while adapting to system dynamics, such as varying network conditions or difficult-to-classify samples. I am also recently interested in generative AI on mobile devices.

Related publications: NeurIPS'21, Proc. IEEE'19, IEEE INFOCOM'18

Mobile augmented and virtual reality

The goal is to improve system performance of augmented reality and virtual reality on mobile devices, especially when multiple users participate in the same shared experience. This involves understanding where performance bottlenecks occur (e.g., in terms of latency, energy, bandwidth), and optimizing the application or network behavior to improve performance. This makes AR/VR platforms more usable and provides a solid foundation for applications to be built on top. I am also recently interested in AR/VR security and applications in healthcare.

Related publications: ACM SenSys'22, ACM CoNEXT'22, ACM CoNEXT'20, IEEE SECON'20 (best paper finalist), IEEE SECON'19 (best paper finalist)

Economics of cellular networks

My goal is to understand how different data pricing structures impact the behavior of mobile users and network operators. My approach involves mathematically modeling real-world pricing schemes and using optimization tools to analyze the resulting behaviors of users and network operators, provide suggestions on their optimal actions. I also apply related mathematical tools (optimization) to traditional networking problems.

Related publications: IEEE Trans. Networking'20, ICDCS'20

Recent Publications

Names of my students or co-advised students are underlined. For a full list, see DBLP or Google Scholar.


Aditya Dhakal, Xukan Ran, Yunshu Wang, Jiasi Chen, K.K. Ramakrishnan, "SLAM-Share: Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for Real-time Multi-user Augmented Reality", ACM CoNEXT, 2022. [pdf]

Kittipat Apicharttrisorn, Jiasi Chen, Vyas Sekar, Anthony Rowe, Srikanth Krishnamurthy, "Breaking edge shackles: Infrastructure-free collaborative mobile augmented reality", ACM SenSys, 2022. [pdf][slides]

Wangyu Choi, Jiasi Chen, Jongwong Yoon, "ABRaider: Multi-Phase Reinforcement Learning for Environment-Adaptive Video Streaming", IEEE ACCESS, 2022.

Timothy Scargill, Shreya Hurli, Jiasi Chen, Maria Gorlatova, "Here To Stay: A Quantitative Comparison of Virtual Object Stability in Markerless Mobile AR", Workshop on Cyber-Physical Human System Design and Implementation (at CPS-IoT week), 2022.

Yi-Zhen Tsai, Jiasi Chen, "Network-side 5G mmWave Channel Signatures for Pandemic Contact Tracing", IEEE ICC, 2022.


Carter Slocum, Xukan Ran, Jiasi Chen, "RealityCheck: A Tool to Evaluate Spatial Inconsistency in Augmented Reality", IEEE ISM, 2021. [pdf][slides][code]

Mingchen Li, Xuechen Zhang, Christos Thrampoulidis, Jiasi Chen, Samet Oymak, "AutoBalance: Optimized Loss Functions for Imbalanced Data", NeurIPS, 2021. [pdf]

Xuechen Zhang, Samet Oymak, Jiasi Chen, "Post-hoc Models for Performance Estimation of Machine Learning Inference", [arXiv].

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Carter Slocum, Jingwen Huang, Jiasi Chen, “VIA: Visibility-aware Web-based Virtual Reality”, ACM Web3D, 2021. [pdf][slides]

Hisham Alhulayyil, Jiasi Chen, Karthik Sundaresan, Srikanth Krishnamurthy, "Boosting Home WiFi Throughputs via Adaptive DAS Clustering of PLC Extenders" (invited), IEEE MASS, 2021.

Timothy James Scargill, Shreya Hurli, Jiasi Chen, Maria Gorlatova, "Will it Move?: Indoor Scene Characterization for Hologram Stability in Mobile AR" (demo), ACM HotMobile, 2021.

Moustafa Abdelbaky, Jiasi Chen, Alexander Fedin, Kenneth Freeman, Mohana Gurram, Abraham Ishihara, Carlee Joe-Wong, Christopher Knight, Kalmanje Krishnakumar, Isaias Reyes, Calvin Robinson, Peter Shannon, Sandeep Shetye, Luka Tomljenovic, William Van Dalsem, "DRF: A Software Architecture for a Data Marketplace to Support Advanced Air Mobility", AIAA AVIATION Forum, 2021.


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Shahryar Afzal, Jiasi Chen, K.K. Ramakrishnan, "Viewing the 360-degree Future: Trade-Off Between User Field-of-View Prediction, Network Bandwidth, and Delay", IEEE ICCCN, 2020. [pdf][video presentation]

Hisham Alhulayyil, Kittipat Apicharttrisorn, Jiasi Chen, Karthik Sundaresan, Samet Oymak and Srikanth Krishnamurthy, "WOLT: Auto-Configuration of Integrated Enterprise PLC-WiFi Networks", IEEE ICDCS, 2020. (18% acceptance rate) [pdf]

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Guoqiang Zhang, Yue Wu, Xu Han, Qian Gao, Jiasi Chen, "Exploiting the layer correlation to improve DASH scheduling with scalable video coding", Computer Networks, 2020.


Current Students

  • Carter Slocum (PhD)
  • Yi-Zhen (Angela) Tsai (PhD)
  • Xuechen Zhang (PhD, co-advised with Samet Oymak)
  • Timothy Oh (BS)


  • Kittipat (Patrick) Apicharttrisorn (PhD co-advised with Srikanth Krishnamurthy), Nokia Bell Labs
  • Xukan Ran (PhD), Qualcomm R&D
  • Shahryar Afzal (MS), Bloomberg
  • Haoliang Chen (MS), SoundHound
  • Elijah Nicasio (MS)
  • Tandy Dang (BS)
  • Japneet Kaur (BS)
  • Daniel Handojo (BS), Safran Passenger Innovations
  • Jingwen Huang (BS)
  • Gopal Nookula (BS)
  • Emilio Segovia (BS), Western University of Health Sciences
  • David Zhou (BS), Amazon



A few of my other interests (outside of research!) from past and present: