Rajiv Gupta
Rajiv Gupta
Distinguished Professor & CSE Vice Chair
Amrik Singh Poonian Chair in Computer Science

University of California, Riverside
408 Winston Chung Hall
Riverside, CA 92521, USA
Voice: (951) 827- 2558
Fax: (951) 827- 4643
Email: gupta@cs.ucr.edu

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    Rajiv Gupta is a Distinguished Professor and the Amrik Singh Poonian Chair in Computer Science at UC Riverside where he is a member of the RIPLE research group. His research interests include: Programming, Compiler, Runtime & Architectural Support for Parallel & Distributed Heterogeneous Systems; and Software Tools for Monitoring and Managing Runtime Behavior. He has coauthored 315 papers with an h-index of 65 and over 14,900 citations. He is a coinventor of 9 US patents. Rajiv has supervised PhD dissertations of 35 students including two winners of the ACM SIGPLAN Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award in Programming Languages -- (2009) Xiangyu Zhang, Purdue Univ. and (2001) Rastislav Bodik, Univ. of Washington. Five of his advisees are recipients of the NSF CAREER Award. Papers coauthored by Rajiv with his students have been selected for: inclusion in 20 Years of PLDI (1979-1999), SIGSOFT distinguished paper award in ICSE 2003, best paper award in PACT 2010, best paper award in HiPC 2020, best student paper award in LCPC 2015, the most original paper award in ICPP 2003, and outstanding paper award in ICECCS 1996. He received the UCR Doctoral Dissertation Advisor/Mentor Award (2012).

    Rajiv is a Fellow of the ACM (2009), the IEEE (2008), and the AAAS (2011). He is a recipient of the NSF's Presidential Young Investigator Award (1991). Rajiv served on the Technical Advisory Group on Networking and Information Technology created by the US President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) during its review of the Federal NITRD Program (2006-2007). He served as the Conference Chair for FCRC 2015; General Chair for PPoPP'20, ASPLOS'11 and PLDI'08 conferences; and Co-General Chair for CGO'05 conference. He also served as the Program Chair for PLDI'03, HPCA'03, LCTES'05, and CC'10 conferences; Program Co-Chair for CC'21 and HiPEAC'08 conferences; and Program Vice-Chair for HiPC'03 conference. Rajiv has served on program committees of major conferences in PL/Compilers & Computer Architecture including PLDI, POPL, PPoPP, CGO, ISCA, ASPLOS, MICRO, HPCA, ICS, ICDCS, PACT & HiPEAC. He served as an Associate Editor for ACM TACO & IEEE TC, and is currently serving on the boards of Parallel Computing & Computer Languages journals.


PhD Students

Dr. Chun Gong1 | 1995       Dr. Evelyn Duesterwald2 | 1996 Dr. David Berson3 | 1996
Prof. Tia Watts4 | 1997 Dr. Wanqing Wu5 | 1998 Prof. Jodi Tims6 | 1998
Prof. Xin Yuan7 | 1998 Prof. Soner Onder8 | 1999 Prof. Rastislav Bodik9 | 1999
Dr. Clara Jaramillo10 | 2000 Prof. Youtao Zhang11 | 2002    Prof. Jun Yang12 | 2002   
      Dr. Arvind Krishnaswamy13 | 2006    Dr. Bengu Li14 | 2006    Prof. Xiangyu Zhang15 | 2006   
Dr. Sriraman Tallam16 | 2007    Dr. Dennis Jeffrey17 | 2009       Prof. Vijay Nagarajan18 | 2009
Dr. Chen Tian19 | 2010       Dr. Kishore K. Pusukuri20 | 2012 Dr. Min Feng21 | 2012
Dr. Changhui Lin22 | 2013 Dr. Yan Wang23 | 2014       Dr. Sai Charan Koduru24 | 2015
Dr. Bo Zhou25 | 2016 Dr. Amlan Kusum26 | 2016 Dr. Vineet Singh27 | 2016
Dr. Farzad Khorasani28 | 2016 Prof. Keval Vora29 | 2017 Dr. Hongbo Li 30 | 2018
Dr. Zachary Benavides31 | 2018 Dr. Arash Alavi32 | 2019 Dr. Shafiur Rahman33 | 2021
Dr. Chengshuo Xu34 | 2021 Dr. Gurneet Kaur35 | 2021 | 2022

                          Samin Arefin                Rui Yang                Mahbod Afarin (co-advisor: N. Abu-Ghazaleh)
               Xizhe Yin (coadvisor: Z. Zhao)                Xiaolin Jiang                Xiaofan Sun
           Bryan Rowe                Abbas Mazloumi                Chaitanya Mamatha Ananda

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