Joe Michael Allen

Ph.D. Student
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University of California, Riverside
Riverside, CA 92521




STEM Education - Many-Small Programs (MSPs)

Traditionally, many CS1 courses assign students one-large programming assignment each week to teach programming. We have designed a different approach: Many-small programs, or MSPs. MSPs offer a unique way to assign programming assignments to students that involves assigning multiple smaller programming assignments instead of one large programming assignment each week.

STEM Education - Serious Games

Education research emphasizes the importance of repetition for skills mastery. I am developing engaging web-based math and computer science games specifically designed to help students build mastery of core skills. Each game is uniquely created to inherently teach the specific concept. Click here to see the games that have been created.

  Papers / Talks / Publications

J.M. Allen, F. Vahid, K. Downey, and A. Edgcomb. Weekly Programs in a CS1 Class: Experiences with Auto-graded Many-small Programs (MSP), Proceedings of ASEE Annual Conference, 2018. [paper] [slides] (best paper nominee)

J.M. Allen, F. Vahid, S. Salehain, and A. Edgcomb. Serious games for building skills in computing and engineering, Proceedings of ASEE Annual Conference, 2017. [paper] [slides]

F. Vahid, J.M. Allen, and A. Edgcomb. Web-based games to master core skills in introductory college mathematics, Joint Mathematics Meetings, 2017, abstract. [abstract] [slides]


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