Frank Vahid, Professor
Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering
College of Engineering
University of California, Riverside, CA 92521
Office: Winston Chung Hall 328, Lab: WCH 464 (WCH was formerly named EBU II)
(951) 827-4710, fax: 827-4643,

What's Wrong with my Textbook?

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"Programming Embedded Systems: An Introduction to Time-Oriented Programming" (Zyante 2010/2013)
RI Tools Riverside-Irvine embedded systems tools: microcontroller simulator, synchronous statement machine capture, timing diagram viewer, and C-based real-time scheduler.
"Digital Design: With RTL, VHDL, and Verilog" (2nd ed, Wiley, 2010); Plus "VHDL for Digital Design" / "Verilog for Digital Design" (Wiley 2007)
"Embedded System Design" (Wiley, 2001)
Links for learning C programming
ASEE/FIE 2013 workshop slides on MOOCs/online education.
Homeschooling     UCR Magazine article
Advice to graduate students
Baha'i Faith
In memory of my family's 6th member, Vahid Aminian, 1962-2000. Forever a part of us.
The Letter that Changed My Family's Life
   Current: M.S.:   Ryan Renno   Joshua Yuen   Tim Cherney
   Past PhD: Bailey Miller PhD CS&E 2014, now engineer at SpaceX in El Segundo, CA.
Alex Edgcomb
PhD CS&E 2014, now developer at Zyante.
Chen Huang PhD CS&E 2012, now engineer at Amazon in Seattle.
David Sheldon PhD CS&E 2011, now engineer at Altera in San Jose.
Scott Sirowy PhD CS&E 2010, now Engineering Director at Zyante.
Ann Gordon-Ross - PhD CS&E 2007, now Assoc Asst Prof of ECE at Univ. of Florida, Gainesville
Greg Stitt PhD CS&E 2007, now Assoc Asst Prof of ECE at Univ. of Florida, Gainesville
Susan Lysecky - PhD CS&E 2006, former Asst Prof of ECE at Univ. of Arizona, now developer at Zyante.
Roman Lysecky - PhD CS&E 2005, now Assoc Prof of ECE at Univ. of Arizona
Chuanjun Zhang - PhD EE 2004, now researcher at Intel
Tony Givargis - PhD CS 2001, now Prof. and Assoc. Dean at UC Irvine
Enoch Hwang - PhD CS 1999, now Assoc. Prof. at La Sierra Univ.
   Past MS: Michael Albertson (MS CS 2014)   Sal Garcia (MS EE 2014)   Shawn Nemetebakshi(MS CS 2005)   Kelly Downey (MS EE 2004)   Brian Grattan (MS EE 2002)    Weijun Zhang - M.S. EE 2001, at a San Jose startup synthesizing graphics chips    Rilesh Patel - M.S. CS 2001, at Aristo Technologies (synthesis)   Deepa Varghese - M.S. CS 1999, at Motorola.   Puneet Mehra - B.S. CS 1999, Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley   Shannon Tauro - B.S. CS 1999, M.S. graduate from UC Irvine, now a UCI lecturer    Linus Tauro - M.S. CS 1996, at QuickLogic in Irvine (synthesis)    Thuy Le - M.S. CS 1996    Roseley Ng - M.S. CS 1995    William Kang - M.S. CS 1995   

"Be good to the people in your life; if anything really matters, they do." -- FV

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