Elaheh Sadredini

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (Cooperating Faculty)
University of California, Riverside

elaheh [at] cs.ucr.edu
Office: WCH 318

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I am always looking for highly motivated and hard-working students interested in working at the intersection of computer architecture with machine learning, data mining, and hardware security. Please contact me if you are interested in working with me.

I am an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the UC Riverside. I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Virginia in 2019, advised by Professor Kevin Skadron, where I was a member at the Center for Research on Intelligent Storage and Processing in Memory (CRISP). My focus of research is on novel computing paradigms, near-data processing, and application-specific reconfigurable accelerators. My research has resulted in several publications at top-tier venues (such as MICRO, ISCA, ASPLOS, HPCA, DAC, ICS, and KDD) and several patents. My work has been recognized with several awards, including John A. Stankovic Graduate Research Award from Computer Science Department at the University of Virginia for outstanding research, the UVA International Students Office Graduation Award for Academic Excellence (selected among all the international graduate students at the University of Virginia), the best paper awards at the ACM International Conference on Computing Frontiers in 2016, Best of CAL award in 2019, and the best paper nominees, including HPCA'20, FCCM'20, and IISWC'19. Additionally, I interned at Friedrich Alexander University, Apple Inc., and eBay, where I contributed in developing hardware accelerators for AI applications.


    Jan 2024   Received the NSF CAREER Award on "Enabling Memory-Centric Computing from Internet of Things to Cloud".
    Feb 2023   Our paper on "Low-overhead Number Theoritic Transform with In-SRAM Computing" is accepted to DAC 2023 . Congrats to my PhD student, Jingyao!
    July 2022   Our paper on "Enabling In-SRAM Cryptographic Hash for IoT" is accepted to ICCAD 2022 . Congratualtions to my PhD student, Jingyao!
    Jun 2022   Awarded the Hellman Fellowship!
    May 2022 Our paper on accelerating memory encryption with in-SRAM computing is accepted to ISLPED 2022 . Congratualtions to my PhD student, Jingyao!
    April 2022 Our patent on accelerating tree mining using non-detereministic state machines is awarded (funded by SRC).
    March 2022   I will be serving on the TPC for MICRO 2022. Submit your best work!
    March 2022   BioHD paper is accepted to ISCA 2022
    Feb 2022   One paper is accepted to DAC 2022
    Sep 2021   We welcome Jingyao Zhang, the first PhD student in the lab!
    July 2021   Our paper on enabling near-data pattern matching acceleration is accepted to MICRO 2021.
    July 2021   Received University of California Regents Faculty Fellowship.
    Feb 2021   I will be serving on the TPC for PACT 2021 and ICCD 2021.
    Feb 2021   Our paper is accepted to DAC 2021.
    Nov 2021 Our paper on enabling an in-SRAM reporting architecture for automata processing is accepeted to CAL.
    July 2021   Started as an assistant professor at UC Riverside!
    May 2020   Our FCCM paper, Grapefruit, is nominated for the best paper award.
    Jan 2020   Our HPCA paper, Impala, is nominated for the best paper award.
    Dec 2019 Our paper received the "Best of CAL" award and is invited to be presented in HPCA 2020.
    Nov 2019   Our paper is accepted to ASPLOS 2020.
    Nov 2019   Two papers are accepted to HPCA 2020.
    Oct 2019   Our IISWC paper is nominted for the best paper award.
    Sep 2019   Received best presentation award at SRC TECHCON.
    May 2019   Received University of Virginia ISO (International Studies Office) graduation award.
    May 2019   Started Postdoc at the University of Virginia, Center for Research in Intelligent Storage and Processing in Memory (CRISP) Center.
    May 2019   Received my PhD from the University of Virginia (dissertation, slides).
    April 2019   Received John A. Stankovic graduate research award.