Algorithms and Computational Biology Lab
Computer Science & Engineering Department
University of California
Riverside, CA 92532

Research interests Combinatorial algorithms. Computational biology. Data-mining. Epigenetics. Metagenomics.
Advisor Dr. Stefano Lonardi





  CS 165 (F13)  

  CS 10 (F13)  

  CS 218 (W14)  

  CS 14 (SI15)  

  Students' comments  

"The first rule was never to accept anything as true unless I recognized it to be evident [...]
The second was to divide each of the difficulties which I encountered into as many parts as possible, and as might be required for an easier solution.
The third was to think in an orderly fashion, beginning with the things which were simplest and easiest to understand, and gradually and by degrees reaching toward more complex knowledge, even treating as though ordered materials which were not necessarily so.
The last was always to make enumerations so complete, and reviews so general, that I would be certain that nothing was omitted."

Descartes, Discourse of the method, 1637.

This page is dedicated to the CS 218 class (Winter 2014). This webpage contains elements about TA office hours and contact information. If you have any questions, you are welcomed to send an email or stop at the TA room.

TA office hours
Thursdays 4pm-5pm,

TA room
WCH 110.