Algorithms and Computational Biology Lab
Computer Science & Engineering Department
University of California
Riverside, CA 92532

Research interests Combinatorial algorithms. Computational biology. Data-mining. Epigenetics. Metagenomics.
Advisor Dr. Stefano Lonardi





  CS 165 (F13)  

  CS10 (F13)  

  CS 218 (W14)  

  CS 14 (SI15)  

  Students' comments  

This section is dedicated to the materials about lab session and homeworks for the Computer Security class (CS165), Fall 2013. You can find below assignments for the lab and homeworks, and their reviews. If you are interested to get the corrections of these assignments, please come during my office hours. You are also welcomed to send me an email, if you have any questions.

TA office hours
During Final's week:
Tuesday 2-4pm.

Before Final's week:
Monday 5-6pm,
Wednesday 1-2pm,
Friday 10-11am.

TA room
WCH 110.

Lab assignment 1 (September 27) Review (lab 1) Homework 1 (due November 10) Solutions
Lab assignment 2 (October 4) Review (lab 2) Homework 2 (due December 6)
Lab assignment 3 (October 11) Review (lab 3)
Lab assignment 4 (October 18) Review (lab 4)
Lab assignment 5 (October 25) Review (lab 5)
Midterm (November 1)
Lab assignment 6 (November 1) Review (lab 6)
Lab assignment 7 (November 8) Review (lab 7)
Lab assignment 7bis (November 15) Review (lab 7bis)
Lab assignment 8 (November 22)
Lab assignment 9 (December 6)