Algorithms and Computational Biology Lab
Computer Science & Engineering Department
University of California
Riverside, CA 92532

Research interests Combinatorial algorithms. Computational biology. Data-mining. Epigenetics. Metagenomics.
Advisor Dr. Stefano Lonardi





  CS 165 (F13)  

  CS 10 (F13)  

  CS 218 (W14)  

  CS 14 (SI15)  

  Students' comments  

Below are gathered some anonymous comments from students of classes I did TA-ing.

CS 165 (Computer Security), Fall 2013

  • "I enjoyed Rachid as a TA. He was very helpful. While he was occasionally strict, his intentions surpassed most other TA's. Rachid wanted to see his students do well and did everything in his ability to help. Its wonderful to have a TA who essentially tells you 'That's good, but you can do better.' "
  • "Very smart and easy going TA. Tries to challenge the students to become a better engineer/programmer in the future. I have learned a lot from this class."
  • "You are one of the nicest TA i ever had, who teaches us not only the course materials but also what we should be doing in the work setting."
  • "Great TA. He encourages the students to think and does not give away answers like other TA's have done in the past. This aided is a great learning environment."

CS 10 (Introduction to Computer Science), Fall 2013

  • "The student instructor was glad to assist with any questions I had. Overall he was a very good instructor."
  • "He was a good TA. He had a good, genuine and approachable personality and is a nice, helpful guy."
  • "He is a great teacher and brings entertainement."