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FPP + NOPPP (modified) Programmer - Device Programming


Before you can program the PIC you must have generated a .hex file. If you have not done so refer to the installation tutorial, MPLAB IDE - Installation and Setup and the compilation tutorial, MPLAB IDE - Compilation.

You must have also downloaded, installed, and configured the GiveIO and FPP software. If you have not done so refer to the following tutorials - GiveIO - Installation and Setup, FPP - Installation and Setup.

Device Programming

  1. Start FPP.exe. Your setting should have been saved however if the programmer fails double check them.
  2. In the lower right corner, set the Config to 3F10 as shown below:

  3. Click on the "Load" button and select the location of the hex file to be loaded. Once the hex file is loaded you should see somthing similiar to the image below

  4. Click on the "Program" button, the window should say Programming... for about 15-20 seconds. When the programming is complete you should see the following

  5. Congradulations! You have finished programming your PIC and it is now ready to go into your circuit.

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