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Free flash PIC Programmer (FPP) - Installation and Setup


The download below is freely available and downloadable from David Tait's website. The download below is provided here for convience. For system requirements, further details, updates, or patches consult the appropriate webpage. There are many freely available software programs to program various PIC models on the internet. This one was selected because it supported the PIC16F628 and operated under Windows 2000 and Windows XP.


  1. Make sure you have already downloaded and installed the GiveIO software AND the software is currently running. See the GiveIO installation and Setup page if you are not sure. If GiveIO is not running, fpp.exe will result in a system error and abort
  2. Unzip fpp0943.zip
  3. Start fpp.exe by double-clicking on it, you should see the following:

  4. Click on the "Setup" button located in the lower left corner. Set Hardware to TOPIC, the on port entry to the parallel port you are utilizing, Device to PIC16F628, Timing Prog cycle delay entry to 40 ms, Timing Power up delay to 25 ms, and the Timing I/O delay to 7 ticks. Once each of these values are updated click on "OK", the setup window should look as follows:

  5. The FPP software is now configured and ready for PIC programming.
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