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Sensor eBlocks
eBlock Diagram Description Interface
Temperature Sensor
Device outputs the current temperature in Fahrenheit. output = current temp (F)
Distance Sensor
Sensor outputs the distance between the device and another object. output = distance (ft)

Output/Display eBlocks
eBlock Diagram Description Interface
Integer Display
Device displays the integer value recieved. Displays the input.

Arithmetic/Logic eBlocks
eBlock Diagram Description Interface
Device determines if input is <= x or input >= x, depending on what switch is set to. >= x MODE:
output = yes, (input >= x)
output = no, (input < x)

<= x MODE:
output = yes, (input <= x)
output = no, (input > x)
Device determines if the input is within the x and y range (inclusive). output = yes, x <= input <= y
output = no, input < x OR input > y
User defines the function of the math block, and the block calculates A function B. output = A function B
Turnstile Counter
The value held by the counter is incremented by the input value. The rst input will reset this value to zero. INPUT:
input = yes, increment value held by 1
input = no, increment value held by 0
input = num, increment value held by num

output = value held by counter block
The user specifies a constant value. value = user defined

Timer eBlocks
eBlock Diagram Description Interface
Seconds Timer
The user selects the granularity of the time kept track of. When timer is activated it counts by the granularity specified. INPUT:
start = yes, activate time
start = no, stop nothing

rst = yes, reset the timer to zero

output = time passed since start set to yes and rst set to no.

Communication eBlocks
eBlock Diagram Description Interface
Wireless Transmitter
Device wirelessly transmits a signal. yes = input is yes
no = input is no
Wireless Receiver
Device wirelessly receives a signal. yes = yes recieved
no = no recieved
Receives a signal and replicates that signal on each output. OUTPUT:
yes = input yes
no = input no

Miscellaneous eBlocks
eBlock Diagram Description Interface
Turnstile Logger
Device keeps a list of inputs; the input value is logged when the log input is yes. Later the list of inputs can be retrieved from the logger unit. The list is cleared when reset is yes.

*We have not yet defined how to read the times from the logger.
log = yes, log the current input value
log = no, do nothing

rst = yes, clear input values held by logger

Possible Integer eBlock Additions

  • weight sensor
  • pressure sensor
  • moisture sensor
  • voice recognition
  • wind sensor
  • flow meter
  • selective splitter(int sent to indicate which out goes to yes)
  • data logger (tracks the int value instead of yes/no)
  • dimmer/intensifier - most likely useful in indicating needed signal strength in rx/tx devices

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