eBlocks : Embedded Systems Building Blocks
University of California, Riverside
Department of Computer Science
Riverside, CA 92521


Latest Version of the eBlock Simulator

Previous/Temporary Versions of the eBlock Simulator
  • eBlock Simulator v2.2
    • Bug fix - corrected behavior of the pulse generator block
    • Added Opposite block to advanced mode
  • eBlock Simulator v2.1
    • Bug fix - output of logic2 block fixed so a wire can be connected to another block
    • Bug fix - corrected dragging of the 3-input logic block
  • eBlock Simulator v2.0
    • Total re-write of the simulator code.
    • Updated graphics.
    • Tutorial incorporated.
    • More eBlocks added.
    • New logic block added - table based 2-9nput logic.
    • Advanced mode incorporates more blocks.
    • Input stimulus to the sensor are graphical.
    • Information box at bottom of page provides information about the simulator in general as well as the individual eBlock interfaces.
    • Tabs added to classify various types of eBlocks (sensors, output, compute/communicate).
  • eBlock Simulator v1.2
    • Two new eBlock added to the simulator.
    • Power calculations added to each eBlock.
    • Power calculations added to eBlock systems.
  • eBlock Simulator v1.1
    • Loop detection added - warning outputted when a loop is detected.
    • Garbage can added so an eBlock can be dragged to the garbage can for deletion.
    • 2-input logic block updated so that it can be configured without having to iterate incremetally through all configurations.
    • Right-click wire deletion added.
  • eBlock Simulator v1.0
    • Original version of the simulator.

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