Hi! I'm Yuanhang Luo, now a first-year master student in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of California, Riverside, majoring in Computer Science. I received my bachelor degree from Shandong University in P.R.China.

Email: yluo069@ucr.edu
Twitter: https://twitter.com/luoyhang003
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/luoyhang003
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/luoyhang003/


Innovation Training: National College Student Innovation&Entrepreneurship Training

  • 1 automatic APP generation system based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) & 1 complete report
  • Worked closely with 3 peer members to develop the transition system from natural language to HTML5 APP
  • Designed the schematic plan of natural language processing and realized such through cloud computing

Academic Contests:

  • A Model Saving the Thirsty Planet”- water supply and demand model for Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling
  • Office Coder” - independently completed the core part of NLP, for Innovation group in Microsoft Imagine Cup 2015
  • Cameractive” – independently developed the 2.5D model and physical engine, for Microsoft Imagine Cup 2014



  • 1st Level Prize of National College Student Innovation & Entrepreneurship Training Program (Project No. 201510422061, Project Name: Office Coder)
  • Meritorious Winner (First Author & Team Leader) of Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling


  • Outstanding Individual in Shandong College Students Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program
  • 2nd Level Award of Imagine Cup Global Students Technology Competition, Held by Microsoft


  • 2nd Level Award of Intel Cup National Collegiate Software Innovation Contest, Held by Intel
  • 3rd Level Award of Imagine Cup Global Students Technology Competition, Held by Microsoft
  • Distinguished Person in SDU Campus Internet Culture Center activities


Position: Vice President in Small Change Community in Shandong Province, P.R.China (06/2014-12/2015)

  • Organized “One Student for One Person” activity to make students helping individuals with psychological problem
  • Utilized data analysis technique to help community members improving innovation and communication abilities

Position: Executive President in Microsoft Student Technology Club of SDU (06/2014-06/2015)

  • Built and maintained the webpages of Internet Culture Center, solved many technical problems in operation
  • Organized online propaganda activities to attract new members and to help more people getting aware of our jobs


  • Programming Languages: C++, Python, JAVA, Go(on-going)
  • Software Packages: QT, Android Studio, Microsoft Office
  • Extracurricular Hobbies: Soccer, Table tennis, Basketball, Badminton