Advance schedule is provisional and subject to change.

Date Topic Notes and Reading Assigned Due
M / course intro, math review Sections 1.1, 1.2, 2.3.0-2.3.2, 2.4.0-2.4.4
slides, notes
W / math review
F / math review, raster images Section 3.1-3.3
raster images
M / ray tracing Sections 4.1-4.8
ray tracing
ray tracer
W / lighting and shading lighting and shading slides
F / antialiasing, soft shadows Sections 13.1, 13.4.1-13.4.2
W / Phong shading, computing normals Sections 4.5, 10.2, 4.8
F / shadows, reflection Section 4.7, 4.8
M / linear interpolation, bilinear interpolation, triangles and barycentric coordinates Sections 2.6-2.7, notes ray tracer CP 1
W / barycentric coordinates (cont.), ray/triangle intersection
F / triangles meshes, refraction Sections 12.1.0-12.1.2, meshes notes
Section 13.1, refraction slides
M / depth of field, glossy reflection, motion blur, acceleration structures, ray-box intersection Section 12.3,
acceleration structures and ray-box intersections
ray tracer CP 2
W / midterm review
F / graphics pipeline Section 8.0, pipeline slides
M / line and triangle rasterization line rasterization,triangle rasterization pipeline ray tracer
W / matrix transformations
F / midterm
W / viewing tranformations slides
F / viewing transformations, clipping, z-buffer slides
M / clipping clipping notes
Prof. Schroeder's clipping notes (1/2)
Prof. Schroeder's clipping notes (2/2)
pipeline CP 1
W / perspective projection, perspective correct interpolation Perspective transformation slides
perspective correct interpolation slides
perspective correct interpolation notes
F / pipeline cont.
M / curves slides pipeline CP 2
W / curves, cont.
F / curves, cont.
M / physics-based animation slides pipeline
W / numerical integration and particle systems (video, until 9:50), slides numerical integration slides
numerical integration notes
F / review practice final, solutions