CS204: Syllabus

Spring Quarter 2017


Subject to change, please check back for updates. Last updated 5/31/17.

Date Lecture Assigned Reading (write a critique) Optional Reading Assignment
Mon 4/3 Intro and Review [pdf]
Wed 4/5 Design principles [pdf] Design philosophy [pdf] How to read [pdf], hourglass architecture, [pdf]
Fri 4/7 Link layer: Scheduling [pdf] Generalized processor sharing [pdf]
Mon 4/10 Network layer: Inter-domain routing [pdf] Stable BGP [pdf]
Wed 4/12 Network layer: Multicast End-to-end multicast [pdf]
Fri 4/14 Transport layer: Modern congestion control TCP CUBIC [pdf]
Mon 4/17 Transport layer: Multipath-TCP MPTCP [pdf]
Wed 4/19 Transport layer: Optimization view of TCP Layering optimization (pg. 255-266) [pdf]
Fri 4/21 App layer: Names, Places, and Time none
Mon 4/24 App layer: HTTP, REST none
Wed 4/26 App layer: SPDY mobile SPDY [pdf]
Fri 4/28 Content: Content distribution networks measure CDN [pdf]
Mon 5/1 No class (travel)
Wed 5/3 No class (travel)
Fri 5/5 Content: Video streaming FESTIVE [pdf]
Mon 5/8 Content: P2P Chord [pdf] Project proposal discussions
Wed 5/10 Data centers: Overview none
Fri 5/12 Data centers: Hadoop Dominant resource fairness [pdf]
Mon 5/15 Wireless: WiFi none Assignment 1 due, project proposal due
Wed 5/17 Wireless: Cellular none
Fri 5/19 New networks: Software-defined networking none
Mon 5/22 New networks: Network function virtualization NetVM [pdf]
Wed 5/24 New networks: Internet of things / fog fog [pdf]
Fri 5/26 Security: Anonymous routing onion routing [pdf]
Mon 5/29 No class (holiday)
Wed 5/31 Security: Anomaly detection anomaly detection [pdf]
Fri 6/2 Misc: Internet topology weaknesses topology [pdf]
Mon 6/5 No class (project discussion)
Wed 6/7 No class (project discussion)
Fri 6/9 No class (project discussion)
Wed 6/14 Project presentations Final report, programming assignment 2


  • Paper review: 20%

  • Participation: 20%

  • Programming assignments: 20%

  • Final project: 40%