CS 226 - Big-Data Management

Time: Monday, Wednesday & Friday - 10:00 AM to 10:50 AM

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Instructor: Ahmed Eldawy - - Office Hours: Mon, Wed - 11:00-11:50 AM
Zoom Link: Check on iLearn

TA: Akil Sevim - Office Hours: TBA


CS 226 covers the data management and systems aspects of big data platforms such as Hadoop, Spark, and AsterixDB. In this course, you will learn how the data is stored in a distributed file system and how the queries run in parallel. The course will cover the following topics.

  • An overview of big data management systems
  • Distributed storage of big data
  • Programming models in big data (e.g., MapReduce and RDD)
  • Packages for big data analysis (e.g., SparkSQL, MLlib, and SparkR)
  • An overview of key-value stores (e.g., MongoDB)
  • Big SQL systems (e.g., AsterixDB, Impala, and SparkSQL)

Grade Breakdown

  • (5%) Class active partitipation
  • (10%) Reading and review assignments
  • (20%) Programming assignments
  • (15%) Mid-term
  • (50%) Project
    • Group selection - Due on Monday, 10/12/2020 (Week 2)
    • (5%) One-page proposal - Due on Monday, 10/26/2020 (Week 4)
    • (10%) Project proposal presentation - Due on Friday, 11/06/2020 (Week 5)
    • (10%) Literature survey - Due on Monday, 11/09/2020 (Week 6)
    • (5%) Report outline - Due on Monday, 11/16/2020 (Week 7)
    • Report draft (Optional! A chance to get an early feedback) - Due on Wednesday, 11/25/2020 (Week 8)
    • (10%) Final report including the deliverables - Due on Friday, 12/11/2020 (Week 10)
    • (10%) Final presentation - TBD (Finals week)


Date Topic Reading (Before class)  Material
Fri 10/02 Introduction to big data Slides
Mon 10/05 Introduction to big data (cont'd) The Age of Data Analytics
Wed 10/07 Introduction to Spark Slides
Fri 10/09 Introduction to SparkSQL and MLlib Slides
Mon 10/12 Overview of Big Spatial Data Group Selection Slides
Wed 10/14 Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) HDFS Architecture Slides
Fri 10/16 HDFS
Mon 10/19 HDFS
Wed 10/21 HDFS
Fri 10/23 Spark Resilient Distributed Datasets (RDD) Slides
Mon 10/26 Spark Resilient Distributed Datasets (RDD) One page proposal due
Wed 10/28 Spark Resilient Distributed Datasets (RDD)
Fri 10/30
Mon 11/02 Spark RDD Operations Slides
Wed 11/04 Spark RDD Operations
Fri 11/06 Midterm exam (on iLearn)
Mon 11/09 Spark-SQL Slides
Literature survey due
Wed 11/11 Happy Veterans Day! No class!
Fri 11/13 Spark SQL
Mon 11/16 Storage and Indexing Slides
Report outline due
Wed 11/18
Fri 11/20
Mon 11/23
Wed 11/25 NoSQL Slides
Report draft (Optional)
Fri 11/27 Happy Thanksgiving holiday! No class!
Mon 11/30 Document Databases / MongoDB
Wed 12/02 AsterixDB - Big Data Management Systems Slides
Midterm exam (on iLearn)
Fri 12/04 Apache Spark MLlib Slides
Mon 12/07
Wed 12/09 Topics not Covered Slides
Midterm exam (on iLearn)
Fri 12/11 What's Next Slides
Final report due


# Topic Due Date PDF

Project Ideas

  • Build a web interface that allows users to search in big data (e.g., Health records, census data, ... etc.)
  • Collect tweets and use them to run some correlation analysis or sentiment analysis, e.g., how do people in different states perceive brands (car brands, food brands, ... etc.)
  • Download satellite data and find the correlation between temperature, vegetation, percipitation, and fires. For example, you can compute the average per day/week/month/season/year and show how the averages change over time.
  • Collect census data, POI data, lakes, parks, ... etc. and try to rank cities in the US by their quality of life.
  • Build a 3D road network and visualize it on Google Earth. Collect the road network from OSM and adjust it with a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) to assign an altitude to it.
  • Extract a clean dataset from OpenStreetMap OSM, i.e., a dataset that can be directly used in applications.
  • Build an efficient sampler for text files in Hadoop. A one that is faster than the existing one. For example, it could iteratively read bigger samples until some statistical measure is met. Build a map of images that shows an image for each region and the regions change as we zoom in/out.
  • Build an interactive web visualizer that visualizes the functional map of the world (FMOW) which consists of satellite images and annotated regions (e.g., buildings or parks). The instructor already obtained the full dataset and it can be shared with the project group members. Find more details on the following link https://www.iarpa.gov/index.php/working-with-iarpa/prize-challenges/1015-functional-map-of-the-world-fmow
  • Build an interactive 3-D visualization for a given geospatial dataset using the existing 3-D visualization packages like Cesium, I3S or three.js. Feel free to choose any other 3-D visualizer if you wish to. The input dataset can be obtained from us or from open source environment like https://www.data.gov/
  • In all existing geospatial visualizations like Google Maps, Bing Maps or HadoopViz, the spatial datasets are preprocessed into small tiles and generated into maps. All of these systems work with static datasets (data sets that are constant and not updated periodically). If some new points are added to the input dataset, in order to visualize it, we need to rebuild the tiles from scratch. Build a similar system with dynamic dataset that can help us view geospatial points on maps for a data stream like Tweeter data. The system should be able to incorporate the new datapoints that were added to input dataset without having to reconstruct the whole thing.


Please read the following articles and provide a brief summary as directed below.

Due Date Article
Monday, October 5th The Age of Analytics (Executive Summary)
Provide a review with the following parts in no more than 500 words in total.
  • A 150-word summary of the article.
  • The main contributions of the article.
  • Five points in the article that you either liked or disliked.
Wednesday, October 14th The architecture of HDFS

Further readings

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