Current Projects

  1. Practical Whole Kernel Memory Safety Enforcement, PI (with Dr. Lesani), funded by NSF, 2017-2021.
  2. LeapFrog: Learn and Prune Features in Binary Program Graphs, Co-PI (with Dr. Yin), funded by ONR, 2017-2022.
  3. UC-Lab Center for Electricity Distribution Cybersecurity, Co-PI (with Dr. Mohsenian-Rad), funded by UCOP, 2018-2021.
  4. Holistic Visual Attacks, Co-PI (with Dr. Roy-Chowdhury), funded by DARPA, 2020-2021.
  5. Hi-Phy: High-Throughput and Physically Secure Processing of IoT Streams, Co-PI (with Dr. Gupta), funded by NSF, 2020-2021.