CS 230: Computer Graphics



Craig Schroeder

Office: Chung 309
Office Hours: MWF 10:00-11:00 AM (after class)

Email: craigs@cs.ucr.edu

Course Summary

In this course you will learn about current techniques in computer graphics. By the end of the course, you should be familiar with:

Schedule of Lectures

Date Sections Topic Notes Due
01/09 1 Introduction, Math review intro, math
01/11 2 Images, Math review images, math
01/13 4 Raytracing raytracing
01/16 - Holiday
01/18 4 Raytracing intersections, quiz
01/20 10 Lighting and shading notes, lighting, shading
01/23 10 Lighting and shading notes, lighting, shading
01/25 13 Raytracing shadows, reflection, transmission
01/27 13 Raytracing antialiasing, acceleration, quiz Proj 1 Checkpoint
01/30 3 OpenGL OpenGL
02/01 8 Graphics pipeline pipeline, transforms
02/03 6.1.0-6.1.5, 6.3 Transformations - Affine transforms Proj 1
02/06 7 Transformations - Perspective transforms
02/08 7 Line rasterization rasterization, lines, notes
02/10 2.7, 8.0-8.2.3 Rasterizing triangles rasterization, barycentric coordinates
02/13 Clipping clipping
02/15 Interpolation, Textures interpolation, textures Proj 3 pre-proposal
02/17 11 Textures textures, partial derivatives Proj 3 negotiation (5pm)
02/20 - Holiday
02/22 Numerical integration basics discretize ODE Proj 2 Checkpoint
02/24 Numerical integration basics discretize PDE Proj 3 proposal
02/27 Deformable body simulation notes
03/01 Deformable body simulation notes Proj 2
03/03 Rigid body simulation notes
03/06 Rigid body simulation notes
03/08 Fluid simulation notes
03/10 Fluid simulation notes
03/13 Fluid simulation notes
03/15 Deformable body collisions notes
03/17 Presentations Proj 3 write-up, presentation


Note on academic integrity

All assignments are to be completed individually unless otherwise stated. Tips to make sure you do not violate the academic integrity policy:

Cheating is harmful to other students and the academic environment, and we take it very seriously. We will be checking for plagiarism and cheating using an online tool. This tool tests checks submissions against those of other students, including submissions from prior years, and even when substantial effort is made to disguise the cheating. Any violations of this policy will result in an 'F' for the course and a referral to the campus academic integrity committee.

Please familiarize yourself with the campus academic integrity policy.


10%Project 1 checkpoint
20%Project 1
10%Project 2 checkpoint
20%Project 2
25%Project 3