Abbas Mazloumi

463 Winston Chung Hall
Riverside, CA 92521
E-mail: amazl001{at}ucr{dot}edu


I am a Ph. D. candidate in Computer Science and a member of the RIPLE research group at the University of California, Riverside (), being advised by Prof. Rajiv Gupta where I am working on GRASP project in the Computer Architecture and Programming Systems (CAPS) Lab. Prior to joining UCR, I received my master's degree in Computer Architecture from University of Tehran (), under supervision of Prof. Mehdi Modarressi in 2014, and my bachelor degree in Computer Engineering from University of Mazandaran () in 2009.


20 Mar. 2020 Awarded a master's degree in Computer Science from CSE at UCR.
22-26 Feb. 2020 Served as a Student Volunteer at PPoPP 2020.
12 Dec. 2019 Served as a Student Volunteer at BigData 2019.
10 Dec. 2019 Gave a talk in IEEE BigData conference.
22 Nov. 2019 Awarded a student travel grant to attend IEEE BigData 2019.
17 Oct. 2019 MultiLyra paper on evaluating batches of distributed graph queries accepted in IEEE BigData'19!
24 Jul. 2018 Successfully passed my Oral Qualification Exam and become a PhD Candidate!
24 Mar. 2018 FDD paper on fast data delivery for many-core processors accepted in TC'18 journal!

Research Interests

I am interested in Computer Architecture in general. During my master study I worked on High Performance Chip Multiprocessors by focusing on their Interconnection Networks; my thesis was titled "Using hybrid packet-circuit switching to improve memory access in NoC-based CMPs". Mostly at UCR, I have been working on Graph Processing problems on distributed frameworks and figuring out how they can be benificial from both software and hardware techniques.


Ext-reviewer DAC'20, IETE'20, JOC'20
Sub-reviewer CGO'21, PACT'20, CGO'20, ISPASS'19, IA3 at SC'19, ASPLOS'18, PACT'17, IPDPS'14, HPIN'14


Please visit my profile in Google Scholar for reference.

MultiLyra: Scalable Distributed Evaluation of Batches of Iterative Graph Queries
Abbas Mazloumi, Xiaolin Jiang, and Rajiv Gupta.
IEEE International Conference on Big Data, Dec. 2019.
[ Sildes ]
BigData'19 (Poster) Enabling Faster Convergence in Distributed Irregular Graph Processing
Abbas Mazloumi and Rajiv Gupta.
IEEE International Conference on Big Data, Dec. 2019.
[ Sildes ] [ Poster ]
BigData'19 (Poster) Border Gateway Protocol Anomaly Detection Using Neural Network
Mohsen Karimi, Ali Jahanshahi, Abbas Mazloumi, and Hadi Zamani Sabzi.
IEEE International Conference on Big Data, Dec. 2019.
TC'18 Fast Data Delivery for Many-Core Processors
Mohammad Bakhshalipour, Pejman Lotfi-Kamran, Abbas Mazloumi, Farid Samandi, Mahmood Naderan-Tahan, Mehdi Modarressi, and Hamid Sarbazi-Azad.
IEEE Transactions on Computers, Volume: 67, Issue: 10, Pages: 1416-1429, Oct. 2018.
ARCS'17 Parallel Forwarding for Efficient Bandwidth Utilization in Networks-on-Chip
Elham Momenzadeh, Abbas Mazloumi, Mehdi Modarressi, and Masoud Daneshtalab.
30th International Conference on Architecture of Computing Systems, Apr. 2017.
CAL'16 Dynamic resource sharing for high-performance 3-d networks-on-chip
S. Hossein Seyyedaghaei R., Abbas Mazloumi, Mehdi Modarressi, and Pejman Lotfi-Kamran.
IEEE Computer Architecture Letters, Volume: 15, Issue: 1, Pages: 5-8, Jun. 2016.
ICEE'16 High performance hybrid-switched network-on-chip using shortcut paths
Sina Sayardoost Tabrizi, Iman Soltani Mohammadi, Abbas Mazloumi, and Mehdi Modarressi.
24th Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering, May 2016.
SC'15 Integrated circuit-packet switching NoC with efficient circuit setup mechanism
Farhad Pakdaman, Abbas Mazloumi, and Mehdi Modarressi.
The Journal of Supercomputing, Volume: 71, Issue: 8, Pages: 2787-2807, Aug. 2015.
A hybrid packet/circuit-switched router to accelerate memory access in NoC-based chip multiprocessors
Abbas Mazloumi, and Mehdi Modarressi.
18th Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference & Exhibition, Mar. 2015.

Teaching Assistant

Summer 2020 CS152: Compiler Design
Spring 2020 CS152: Compiler Design
Fall 2019 CS180: Introduction to Software Engineering
Spring 2019 CS152: Compiler Design
Winter 2019 CS152: Compiler Design
Fall 2018 CS008: Introduction to Computing
Fall 2013 ECE489: Interconnection Networks
Spring 2013 ECE492: Chip Multiprocessors
Fall 2012 ECE427: Advanced Computer Architecture
Fall 2012 ECE489: Interconnection Networks