Steven Cook
PhD Candidate in Computer Science
Graduating October 2017
Computer Science & Engineering Department
University of California - Riverside
Riverside, CA 92521

Curriculum Vitae


My research interests include computational biology and biophysics, modeling and simulation, and high-performance computing. My doctoral research encompasses the development, extension, and hybrid CPU & multi-GPU implementation of a modeling framework for gliding motility assays. My advisor is Dr. Tamar Shinar.



Modeling, Simulation, and High-Performance Implementation of High-Dimensional Micro-Macro Biophysical Models

Teaching Assistant

CS 14: Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms, Winter 2017
CS130 : Computer Graphics, Fall 2016
CS 210 : Scientific Computing, Spring 2016
CS 210 : Scientific Computing, Winter 2015
CS 130 : Computer Graphics, Winter 2013


UCSD integrating Data for Analysis, Anonymization, and SHaring