CS-260: Seminar

We will cover a series of related papers. The papers will be presented and dicussed in class by the instructor and the students.

The list below is a sample to give you the idea.

Thu Oct 7:
Albert-László Barabási and Réka Albert
Emergence of scaling in random networks
Science 286 , 509-512 (1999).

On Distinguishing between Internet Power Law Topology Generators
Tian Bu and Don Towsley
Proceedings of INFOCOM 2002

Tue Oct 12:
On Inferring Automonous System Relationships in the Internet , (Shalendra)
L. Gao,  IEEE Global Internet, Nov 2000.

Spectral Analysis of Internet Topologies     (presented by Gentian)
Christos Gkantsidis, Milena Mihail, Ellen Zegura
In INFOCOM 2003 .

Thu Oct 14:

On Network-Aware Clustering of Web Clients,  (by Ilker)
Balachander Krishnamurthy and Jia Wang,
Proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM'2000.

"Characterizing the Internet hierarchy from multiple vantage points,"  (Ioannis Broustis)
Lakshminarayanan Subramanian, Sharad Agarwal, Jennifer Rexford,  and Randy H. Katz,
Proc. IEEE INFOCOM, June 2002

Tue Oct 19:

IMPORTANT: A framework to systematically analyze the Impact of Mobility on  (by Ilker)
 Performance of RouTing protocols for Adhoc NeTworks
Fan Bai, Narayanan Sadagopan, Ahmed Helmy (University of Southern California)
In INFOCOM 2003 .

Merit: A unified framework for routing protocol assessment in mobile Ad Hoc network    (Neema Som)
Andras Farag— and Violet R. Syrotiuk,
Mobicom 2001, Italy.

Thu Oct 21:

Mobility Increases the Capacity of Ad-hoc Wireless Networks
Matthias Grossglauser (AT&T Labs - Research), David Tse (University of California at Berkeley)

Random Waypoint Considered Harmful                (Shalendra)
J. Yoon, M. Liu and B. Noble,
IEEE  INFOCOM 2003, April 2003, San Francisco, CA.

Tue Oct 26:

  "PATHS: analysis of PATH duration Statistics and their impact on reactive MANET routing protocols",
N. Sadagopan, F. Bai, B. Krishnamachari, A. Helmy,
ACM MobiHoc (The Fourth ACM International Symposium on Mobile Ad Hoc Networking and Computing), June 2003.

Thu Oct 28:

A First-Principles Approach to Understanding the Internet's Router-level Topology             (by Ioannis Broustis)
Lun Li (CalTech), David Alderson (CalTech), Walter Willinger (AT&T Labs--Research), John Doyle (CalTech)

Kihong Park, Heejo Lee :
On the effectiveness of route-based packet filtering for distributed DoS attack prevention in power-law internets.
ACM SIGCOMM 2001 August 27-31, 2001, San Diego, CA, USA. ACM, 2001

Tue Nov 2:  No class.

Thu Nov 4:

Tue Nov 9:

Thu Nov 11:  HOLIDAY

Tue Nov 16:

Thu Nov 18:

Tue Nov 23:

Thu Nov 25: HOLIDAY

Thu Nov 30:  Quiz

Thu Dec 2: In class project presentations

Internet related:

Power-Laws and the AS-level Internet Topology
G. Siganos, M. Faloutsos, P. Faloutsos, C. Faloutsos
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, volume 11, no. 4, pp. 514-524, 2003. (in ps)

Ad hoc related:


"The case for a Systematic Approach to Wireless Mobile Network Simulation"
J. Jobin, M. Faloutsos and S. Tripathi,
Journal of High Speed Networks, to appear.