CS179i: Assignments

Winter Quarter 2018


  • Mininet



  • Essay 1: New trends [pdf]

  • Essay 2: Ethics

  • Essay 3: Presentation skill

  • Essay 4: Teamwork

Note: one submission per person.

Sources: can be from a variety of literature, including newspaper articles, tech blogs, textbooks, research articles, etc. No particular citation format is required, but please include standard identifying information (as applicable) such as the title of the article, author, title of the newspaper/journal/blog, date written, URL.

Late policy: Each student has 2 free late days to use across all 4 essays. After that, 10% of the grade will be docked for each 24 hours the assignment is submitted late.


Note: one submission per group.

Progress update

See lecture 5 slides.

Final presentation

15-minute presentation

  • Introduction and motivation

  • Related work/products

  • Your design, challenges, and how you overcame them

  • Preliminary results (can be updated in final report)

  • Suggested  15 slides

5-minute demo

  • Show basic functionality and features

  • Show test interface

  • If using mobile phone, screencast to PC

  • There will be an Oculus set up in the room for demos

Final report