Date Topic
Fri 29-Sep Introduction & computational model
Mon 2-Oct Computational model
Wed 4-Oct Lower-bound proof
Fri 6-Oct Randomized algorithms
Mon 9-Oct Randomized algorithms
Wed 11-Oct Randomized algorithms
Fri 13-Oct Tail bounds
Mon 16-Oct Tail bounds
Wed 18-Oct Overview of graph algorithms
Fri 20-Oct Algorithms on bipartite graphs
Mon 23-Oct Network flows
Wed 25-Oct Approximate Graph algorithms
Fri 27-Oct Graph partition
Mon 30-Oct Graph compression and reordering
Wed 1-Nov Basic computational geometry
Fri 3-Nov Sweepline
Mon 6-Nov Incremental construction
Wed 8-Nov Range query
Fri 10-Nov Veterans day!
Mon 13-Nov Range query
Wed 15-Nov DP basic
Fri 17-Nov DP optimization using range queries
Mon 20-Nov DP with monitonicity
Wed 22-Nov Thanksgiving!
Fri 24-Nov Thanksgiving!
Mon 27-Nov High-dimensional nearest neighbor search
Wed 29-Nov Johnson's algorithm, by Jianbin Chen
Graph contraction hierarchy, Zijin Wan
Fri 1-Dec Dynamic graph connectivity, by Xiangyun Ding
Mon 4-Dec Graph Neural Networks (GNN), by Youzhe Liu
Wed 6-Dec RSA encryption, by Zizhe Jian
Fast Fourier Transform, Andy Li
Fri 8-Dec Binary space partitioning trees, by Vineeth Suvarna
Collision Detection for convex shapes, by Bo Huang