Frank Vahid's current and past students

Current: Joe Michael Allen (Ph.D.)
Nabeel Alzahrani (Ph.D.)
Bailey Herms (M.S.) LinkedIn
Shayan Salehian (M.S.)
Past PhD: Bailey Miller, PhD CS&E 2014, SpaceX 2014-2016, now senior developer at
Alex Edgcomb, PhD CS&E 2014, now senior developer at
Chen Huang, PhD CS&E 2012, now engineer at Amazon in Seattle.
David Sheldon, PhD CS&E 2011, now engineer at Altera in San Jose.
Scott Sirowy, PhD CS&E 2010, ESRI 2010-2014, now Engineering Director at
Ann Gordon-Ross, PhD CS&E 2007, now Assoc Prof of ECE at Univ. of Florida, Gainesville
Greg Stitt, PhD CS&E 2007, now Assoc Prof of ECE at Univ. of Florida, Gainesville
Susan Lysecky, PhD CS&E 2006, Asst Prof ECE Univ. of Arizona 2006-20014, now senior content developer at
Roman Lysecky, PhD CS&E 2005, Assoc Prof ECE Univ. of Arizona, also authoring co-lead at
Chuanjun Zhang, PhD EE 2004, now researcher at Intel
Tony Givargis, PhD CS 2001, now Prof. and Assoc. Dean at UC Irvine
Enoch Hwang, PhD CS 1999, now Assoc. Prof. at La Sierra Univ.
Past MS: Bailey Herms, CS 2018)
Shayan Salehian, CS 2018)
Joshua Yuen (M.S. CS 2016)
Tim Cherney (MS CS 2015)
Michael Albertson (MS CS 2014)
Sal Garcia (MS EE 2014)
Shawn Nemetebakshi(MS CS 2005)
Kelly Downey (MS EE 2004)
Brian Grattan (MS EE 2002)
Weijun Zhang - M.S. EE 2001, at a San Jose startup synthesizing graphics chips
Rilesh Patel - M.S. CS 2001, at Aristo Technologies (synthesis)
Deepa Varghese - M.S. CS 1999, at Motorola.
Puneet Mehra - B.S. CS 1999, Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley
Shannon Tauro - B.S. CS 1999, M.S. graduate from UC Irvine, now a UCI lecturer
Linus Tauro - M.S. CS 1996, at QuickLogic in Irvine (synthesis)
Thuy Le - M.S. CS 1996
Roseley Ng - M.S. CS 1995
William Kang - M.S. CS 1995

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