CS130 : Computer Graphics

Fall 2015

Lectures: Tuesday, Thursday 9:40-11:00am, in Winston Chung Hall, Room 143.
Lab, Sec. 021: Monday, 8:10am-11:00am, in Winston Chung Hall, Room 129.
Lab, Sec. 022: Monday, 11:10am-2:00pm, in Winston Chung Hall, Room 129.
Instructor: Tamar Shinar (shinar@cs.ucr.edu)
TA: Steve Cook (scook005@cs.ucr.edu)
TA: Wojciech Karas (wkara001@ucr.edu)
Professor Office hours: Thursdays, 2:30-3:30pm, and by appointment (WCH, Room 419)
TA Office hours: Fridays, 1:00-2:00pm, and by appointment (WCH, Room 110)

Note: All class-related emails should have 'CS130' in the subject line. Thank you for your cooperation.

Fundamentals of Computer Graphics, by Shirley, Ashikhmin, Marschner
Other resources:
OpenGL Programming Guide, by Shreiner, The Khronos OpenGL ARB Working Group

    An earlier version of the book is available for free online here.

The Winter 2013 CS130 webpage can be found here.


In this course you will learn about current techniques in computer graphics. By the end of the course, you should be familar with:

Assignments and grading

Grades will be determined based on the following breakdown: (subject to change)

Note on academic integrity

All assignments are individual unless otherwise stated. Tips to make sure you do not violate the academic integrity policy: Any violations of this policy will result in an 'F' for the course and a referral to the campus academic integrity committee.

Please familiarize yourself with the campus academic integrity policy which can be found here.