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Basic algorithmic concepts --- Lecture1, Lecture2, Lecture3

Mathematics --- Lecture3, Lecture4

T(n) = 3T(n-3); T(0) = 1;
S(n) = 3S(n/3); T(0) = 1;
For each tree, what is the depth and how many children does each node have?
Give the best O and Θ bounds you can on T(n) and S(n).

S04_CS141:CountingPathsByDP --- Lecture5

S04_CS141:FibonacciByDP --- Lecture5

1. int fib(n) { if (n<= 1) return n; return f(n-1)+f(n-2); }
Argue that the depth of the tree is at least n/2 and at most n.
Argue that the running time of the algorithm is at least 2n/2.

S04_CS141:NChooseKByDP --- Lecture5

S04_CS141:SubsetSumByDP --- Lecture6, (Repository)

Longest ascending subsequence, Longest common subsequence (book section 11.5)


S04_CS141:DepthFirstSearch --- Lecture9

S04_CS141:CutVerticesByDFS --- Lecture10

S04_CS141:DiGraphs, S04_CS141:DFSInDiGraphs



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