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The repository

The repository is where you get the files you need to do your labs.

You can browse the repository here, or you can download it and keep it automatically updated as described below, using the update_repository command.

Getting started with the repository

To get started on cs141 lab work, you will need to do the following:

1. Find a computer to work on that runs linux (including g++, and python v2.2 or later). Log in and open a terminal window.

2. Create a directory to do your cs141 lab work in and go there. For example, you might enter the following commands at the shell prompt:

cd; mkdir cs141; cd cs141

3. Download the file update_repository to that directory, either by using your browser or using wget. Then change the mode of the file to make it executable and run it. If you're in the directory from step (2) above, you can do this with the following commands in the terminal window:

 wget http://www.cs.ucr.edu/~neal/2005/cs141/repository/bin/update_repository
 chmod +x update_repository
You can re-run the update_repository command at any later time to update the repository again --- for example, before the second programming assignment.

In case we have to change the update_repository command for some reason, the updated version will be in ./repository/bin/update_repository . So you might want to delete the version in your current directory and just run the one from your repository:

 rm update_repository
 ln -s repository/bin/update_repository .

4. To get started on programming assignment 1 (prog1), copy (or move) the prog1 directory from the repository to your working directory. Then change to that directory and read the 00README for further instructions:

 cp -r repository/prog1 .
 cd prog1
 less 00README
Note: don't add or change any files in the ./repository directory itself. Any changes you make there will be lost the next time you run update_repository!

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