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Spring 2007: Our very own Anirban Banerjea's work

Spring 2007: A joint-work lead by Bill Andreopoulos
"Clustering by common friends finds locally significant proteins mediating modules"
ranks at the top five most requently read article in BIOINFORMATICS journal during May 2007. ( PDF )

Fall 2006: The talks from the ICNP 2006 panel: "Open Problems: What should you work on for the next 4 years?"
are now online. Speakers: F. Baker (CISCO), B. Briscoe (BT), J. Wroklawski (ISI), G. Varghese (UCSD).

Nov 2005: Thomas Karagiannis' work on measurements on Peer-to-peer traffic hits the popular press.
Based on our Globecom - Global Internet and NGN paper: "Is P2P dying or just hiding?". Well, guess what, it is hiding.

  • We got Wired: at the news at the site of the Wired magazine.
    "Song-Swap Networks Still Humming" - Thanks Katie Dean.
  • ACM Tech News - Oct 29 "Is P2P Dying or Just Hiding?"
  • USA Today: The rise and fall (?) of P2P music downloading.
  • We got "Slashdotted" refered to by our CAIDA coauthors: "P2P Not Dead, Just Hiding".
  • We are "big in Japan". . See the translation of our abstract in Japanese.

    My on-line IEEE tutorial: "Data Mining the Internet" co-developped with Christos Faloutsos.
    The tutorial consists of slides and naration. Warning, it is not free.
    An outline and bibliography for the tutorial is available.

    2 Feb 2004: The three-Faloutsos paper makes its mark as the 8th most cited paper of 1999 the page.
    These listings are dynamic and they may change, check the current listing the current listings.

    Check out a unique tool, Nemecis, (sorry temp. offline) for analyzing the Internet Routing Registries
    and extracting detailed BGP level information, by Georgos Siganos.
    You can see Georgos INFOCOM 2004 paper for details.

    A new lab for research and education. UCR becomes part of the Internet Teaching Lab (ITL) effort.

    Petros Faloutsos, my not-look-alike twin, hits the popular press:

  • New Scientist
  • Independent Newspaper

    The talks from the SIGCOMM 2001 Outrageous Opinions Session.

    Sherry's startup: Learning with Ease. Pretty Cool.
    My friend Eamonn is an expert on engine turning.

    My 3rd-place talk at the Outrageous Opinions Session in SIGCOMM'99.