CS-266: Seminar: Challenging the Modeling Assumptions of Mobile Networks

Michalis Faloutsos

Time:TR 11:10pm-12:30pm
Place: SPR 2212
Office hours: Tu: 3:00-4:00
                          Thu: 5:00-6:00

The seminar will provide an overview of various simulation models and assumptions are currently used. Mobile simulations are burdened with a large number of parameters, for which there is no typical value. In addition, there are no benchmarks which makes the simulation studies arbitrary and unrepeatable.

The goal of this seminar would be to:
a. identify the impact of these assumptions on the simulation results
b. develop novel comprehensive and realistic models

The primary focus will be the mobility of users. We will focus on cellular and ad hoc networks, but we will also discuss sensor networks.
NEW: our mailist list is cs260 (see lists off the main page of the department). MAKE SURE you check up the list frequently or subscribe and check your email recently. I would like you to check the list or email at least once a day.

Syllabus: We will cover a series of related papers. The papers will be presented and dicussed in class by the instructor and the students.

New addition: Python a very neat language for quick prototyping. Great advantage: reduces debugging time. See this page for pointers.

The list of papers and timetable is here.
For presentation and project write-up: please read and follow my suggestions
The lecture notes:
Lecture 1-2: introduction
Lecture 2: My slides for the paper on the framework IMPORTANT

Evaluation: In class presentations, and a serious project.

Intended audience: People that have already a background in networking, and are interested in doing some research. Self-motivation and ability to work independently would be important.

The seminar provides a great opportunity for those who want to explore networking as an area of interest.