Good Sites for Researchers and Students

Technical Writing suggestions and resources
My suggestions. If you are a student of mine, please read. I will end up telling you these things anyway.

Technical writing resources:

The directory that holds the presentations we did in CS 302 2006: 1) intro and tips, 2) how to pick a supervisor, 3) a research topic, 4) write a paper, 5) deal with rejection and find internships. General and Professional advice and presentations.
CS 302 2007: My suggestions on how to be a good TA.

Some suggestions on how to make teaching fun. ( in rtf format )

  • A collection of good sites mainained by John Byers.
  • A good site from Ramesh Govindan.
  • An excellent manual on how to present yourself professionally: Networking on the Net, (page).
    Highly recommended.
  • A niece list of things to be aware in your graduate life.
  • A good source of advice on how to be a succesful graduate student, select and deal with your advisor. Very good.