Latex Guide

Here is a sample for using latex.

How latex works:
Create a file with suffix:  filename.tex
"Compile" it:   latex  filename.tex                                     # creates a *dvi file
                            dvips -o filename.dvi        # to create a postscript, don't forget the -o
                        or pdflatex filename.tex                             # creates a *pdf file
Note that ps2pdf and pdf2ps can transform from one format to the other
xdvi is a previewer for *dvi files.

For using bilbiography:
you want to run latex once  (create paper.aux - auxiliary file)
then run bibtex once
then run latex  again.

 Skip learning and start using:
How to use without understanding much: download and "tar xvfz " this Michalis sample
Read the README file and start writing in the write place in paper.tex

A latex  introductory guide.  stolen from  IJFCS journal.
It shows some of the other futures like making lists, tables, math, figures etc.
Note that its way of doing the bibliography is not as efficient, and I strongly
discourage it. See "Michalis sample" above for a better way.

 Latex source file (IJFCS.tex)

 It includes a figure named IJFCSfig.eps

To run latex:  copy IJFCS.tex  and IJFCS.eps to a local directory
Then do latex IJFCS.tex

 You can split a large document into small ones (ie sections)
  and have the main document include them:
   where section1.tex is a file in the same directory.