• -Fall 2011-
    CS 206 Testing and Verification Techniques in Software Engineering
    CS 218 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
    CS 236 Database Management Systems

  • -Winter 2012-
    CS 203A Advanced Computer Architecture
    CS 207 Advanced Programming Languages
    CS 235 Data Mining Techniques

  • -Spring 2012-
    CS 201 Compiler Construction
    CS 205 Artificial Intelligence
    CS 260 Seminar in Data Management and Information Retrieval

Soccer: My favorite team is Real Madrid C.F., I am looking forward to visit Santiago Bernabeu Stadium someday.

Comic: My favorate comic is ONE PIECE.

Food & Travel: I love travel when I have time. I like to see different view, taste new kinds of food.

Octorber 2010 in Japan: and my favorate Ramen:

May 2013 in San Diego: December 2013 in Cancun:

December 2014 in Hawaii:
Office: Winston Chung Hall (Engineering Building II), Room 463
Postal: 92521, Riverside, California, USA