CS 150: The Theory of Automata and Formal Languages

Spring Quarter, 2006


  • [Jun 12] Extra office hours, Wednesday June 14th 4-6pm
  • [Jun 6] Homework 5 solution posted
  • [Jun 5] Final syllabus posted
  • [May 26] Qz2 posted (with solutions)
  • [May 24] Homework 5 posted
  • [May 24] Homework 4 solution posted
  • [May 12] Homework 4 posted
  • [May 12] Homework 3 solution posted
  • [May 9] Qz2 syllabus posted
  • [May 3] Qz1 posted (with solutions)
  • [May 1] Homework 3 posted
  • [May 1] Homework 2 solution posted
  • [Apr 24] Just for the first week of May, office hours are Tuesday May 2nd, 3-5pm (instead of Thursday)
  • [Apr 24] Office hours on Thursday, April 27 is 2-2:40pm
  • [Apr 19] Office hours on Thursday, April 20 is cancelled
  • [Apr 19] Homework 2 posted
  • [Apr 6] Homework 1 posted
  • No discussion on Monday 4/3
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    Catalog description: CS 150. The Theory of Automata and Formal Languages (4) Lecture, 3 hours; discussion, 1 hour. Prerequisite(s): CS 014; CS 111/MATH 111; MATH 009C or MATH 09HC. A study of formal grammars, finite-state automata, push-down automata, Turing machines, time- and storage-bounded Turing machines, semantics of programming languages, elements of recursive function theory, and complexity of computation.UCR course schedule, UCR course catalog.

    Basic information

    Instructor: Stefano Lonardi (stelo AT cs.ucr.edu)
    Office hours: Thursday 3-5pm. Office: Engineering 2, 317.

    Teaching Assistant:
  • Yonghui Wu (yonghui AT cs.ucr.edu)
    Office hours: Monday 4-5pm (EBU2 110).

  • Lectures and Discussion:
  • Lectures: MWF, 12:10pm-1pm HMNSS 1405
  • Discussion: M 5:10pm-6pm OLMH 1116

  • Text Book:
  • Peter Linz, An Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata, Jones and Bartlett Publishers. Fourth Edition. ISBN: 0763737984 (Note: the third edition is OK, too)

  • References:
  • Michael Sipser, Introduction to the Theory of Computation, PWS Publishing Company.
  • John E. Hopcroft, Rajeev Motwani, Jeffrey D. Ullman, Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation

  • Prerequisites:
  • CS 14
  • CS 111/MATH 111
  • MATH 009C or MATH 09HC
  • The prerequisites are strictly enforced. In particular, if you registered, but later failed some prerequisite, you will be dropped from this course. Topics you should familiar with: sets, sequences, relations, functions, combinations, counting, recurrences, asymptotic notation, linear algebra (matrices, determinants), directed and undirected graphs, connectivity, proof methods (induction, contradiction), basic data structures (lists, stacks, binary trees) sorting, searching, graph traversal algorithms.

    Syllabus (PDF)


  • Apr 3: Course overview. Languages. (Textbook CH1, pp.16-19)
  • Apr 5: Examples of languages. Grammars. Language generated by a grammar. (Textbook CH1, pp.19-26)
  • Apr 7: Deterministic finite automata, Regular languages (Textbook CH2 pp.37-48) [HW1 posted]
  • Apr 10: Nondeterministic finite automata (Textbook CH2 pp.49-54)
  • Apr 12: Equivalence NFA-DFA (Textbook CH2 pp.56-60)
  • Apr 14: More equivalence NFA-DFA, Minimization of DFA (Textbook CH2 pp.60-61)
  • Apr 17: Minimization of DFA (Textbook CH2 pp.63-65))
  • Apr 19: Regular Expression (Textbook CH3) [HW1 due, HW2 posted]
  • Apr 21: Equivalence Regular Expression and NFA (Textbook CH3)
  • Apr 24: Regular Grammars (Textbook CH3)
  • Apr 26: Properties of Regular Languages (Textbook CH4)
  • Apr 28: Pumping Lemma (Textbook CH4)
  • May 1: More pumping lemma, Context-Free languages (Textbook CH5) [HW2 due, HW3 posted]
  • May 3: Quiz 1 (in class, closed book, closed notes)
  • May 5: Quiz 1 review, Context-Free Languages (Textbook CH5)
  • May 8: Simplification of Context-Free Grammars (Textbook CH6)
  • May 10: Simplification of Context-Free Grammars (Textbook CH6)
  • May 12: Chomsky normal form (Textbook CH6) [HW3 due, HW4 posted]
  • May 15: Chomsky normal form and CYK algorithm (Textbook CH6)
  • May 17: CYK algorithm (Textbook CH6)
  • May 19: NonDeterministic PDAs
  • May 22: Deterministic PDAs
  • May 24: Prep for quiz 2 [HW4 due, HW5 posted]
  • May 26: Quiz 2 (in class, closed book, closed notes)
  • May 29: Memorial Day
  • May 31: Quiz 2 review
  • Jun 2: LL(k) grammars
  • Jun 5: Pumping lemma for CF languages
  • Jun 7: Closure properties of CF languages [HW5 due]
  • Jun 9: Review
  • Jun 14: Final, 7-10pm, HMNSS 1405
  • Homework


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