Research Interests

My research bridges signal processing and data science through designing and developing scalable and interpretable algorithms for mining big multi-aspect data, and applying those algorithms into real-world problems, achieving superior performance, and obtaining valuable insights that can drive scientific discovery.

For more details, check out my Research Statement.

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  • epapalexcs dot ucr dot edu
  • epapalexcs dot cmu dot edu
  • vagelis.papalexakisgmail dot com


355 Winston Chung Hall
Computer Science & Engineering Department
University of California Riverside
900 University Ave
Riverside, CA 92521

Web Presence


Currently teaching:

CS-171 Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Mining, Spring 2018, UCR (Undergraduate)

CS-235 Data Mining Techniques, Spirng 2018, UCR (Graduate)

Previous courses:

CS-235 Data Mining Techniques, Fall 2017, UCR (Graduate)

CS-260 Data Mining Using Tensor Methods, Spring 2017, UCR (Graduate)

CS-235 Data Mining Techniques, Fall 2016, UCR (Graduate)