The UCR Suite: Funded by NSF  IIS - 1161997 II.

This webpage was build in support of the UCR Suite; Software that enables ultrafast subsequence search under both Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) and Euclidean Distance (ED). The work first appeared in a SIGKDD 2012 paperBest paper award winner.

The UCR Suite was developed by :


How fast is the UCR-Suite? It depends on the data, query length, query shape, hardware, warping constraint etc. However, to a first degree approximation:

What are the advantages of the UCR-Suite?

Here we show we can search a day-long ECG tracing in 35 seconds under DTW, using a single core.

Using the same query, we can search a year of ECG (8,518,554,188 datapoints) in 18 minutes using a multi-core machine.

Thus we can search 256Hz signals about thirty thousand times faster than real time.



Here we show we can support very long queries. We search for a query of length 72,500 in 21,435,268 datapoints in 18 seconds.
The refernce dendrogram we compared to at the end of this video is from:
D. P. Locke, et al. 2011. Comparative and demographic analysis of orangutan genomes. Nature 469, 529-533.

How does changing the width of the warping effect the speed-up? See here for the numbers, however, in brief, it makes very little difference. Over the range of 0 to  15, which would include the best accuracy setting for the vast majority of the UCR archive problems, the difference is bearly perceptable


The code.