Xizhe Yin @ UCR CSE

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University of California, Riverside

Email: xyin014@ucr.edu


I am advised by Prof. Rajiv Gupta and Prof. Zhijia Zhao. My research and project experiences are in the areas of programming languages and software engineering. My current research focuses on developing scalable high-performance solutions for graph processing systems.


Recent News

Publication and project

  1. Xiaolin Jiang, Chengshuo Xu, Xizhe Yin, Zhijia Zhao, and Rajiv Gupta: Tripoline: Generalized Incremental Graph Processing via Graph Triangle Inequality, EuroSys'21, [to appear].
  2. Jeremiah Griffin, Mohsen Lesani, Narges Shadab, and Xizhe Yin: TLC: temporal logic of distributed components, ICFP'20, August 2020. [DOI]

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CS 238 - Algorithmic Techniques in Computational Biology, Spring'20, TA
CS 014 - Introduction To Data Structures And Algorithms, Spring'20, TA
CS 160 - Concurrent Programming and Parallel Systems, Fall'19, TA