CS 218: Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Winter Quarter, 2005


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    Catalog description: CS 218. Design and Analysis of Algorithms (4) Lecture, 3 hours; outside research, 3 hours. Prerequisite(s): CS 141. Study of efficient data structures and algorithms for solving problems from a variety of areas such as sorting, searching, selection, linear algebra, graph theory, and computational geometry. Worst-case and average-case analysis using recurrence relations, generating functions, upper and lower bounds, and other methods. UCR course schedule, UCR course catalog.

    Basic information

    Instructor: Stefano Lonardi (stelo AT cs.ucr.edu)
    Office hours: Wednesday 4-5:30pm. Office: Surge Bldg. 320.

    Teaching Assistant:
  • Nitin Kumar (nkumar AT cs.ucr.edu), Office hours: Tuesdays 3-4PM, Surge 352.

  • Lectures:
  • TR, 5:10pm-6:30pm OLMH 421

  • Text Book:
  • Introduction to Algorithms (2nd Edition) by Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest, and Cliff Stein, MIT Press.

  • Prerequisites:
  • Graduate standing, undergraduate courses in algorithms and data structures.

  • Prerequisites by topic:
  • Discrete Math: asymptotic notation, basic summation formulas, recurrence equations, sets (operations on sets, relations, functions), counting (permutations, sets, combinations, binomial coefficients), probability (independence, random variable, expected value), recurrence relations
  • Basic Data Structures: array, list, queue, stack, binary search trees, balanced binary search trees, heap
  • Sorting and Searching: quicksort, mergesort, heapsort, radix-sort, binary search
  • Graph algorithms: DFS, BFS, connected components, biconnected components, transitive closure
  • Digraph algorithms: DFS, BFS, strongly connected components, topological sorting
  • Lectures

    Tentative list of topics
  • Intro to Analysis: recurrence relations, master theorem, amortized analysis
  • Pattern matching: brute force, KMP, tries and suffix trees
  • Greedy: task scheduling, factional knapsack, Huffman codes, Dijkstra, Prim, Kruskal
  • Union-Find (list and tree implementation, union by rank and path compression, analysis)
  • Divide and conquer: lineat-time selection, Strassen, FFT, Integer multiplication
  • Dynamic programming: Subset sum, LCS, matrix chain multiplication, Floyd-Warshall
  • Graph algorithms: Flow and matching
  • Numerical algorithms: primality testing, RSA
  • Data structures: binomial heaps and Fibonacci heaps, splay trees
  • Actual list of topics

  • Jan 4th: Course overview, Analysis of Algorithms (slides 1-35)
  • Jan 6th: Analysis of Algorithms (slides 36-52) [HW1 posted]
  • Jan 11th: Analysis of Algorithms (slides 53-end), [Entrance quiz (40mins)]
  • Jan 13th: String Matching (slides 1-end)
  • Jan 18th: Greedy+UnionFind (slides 1-41) [HW1 due, HW2 posted]
  • Jan 20th: Greedy+UnionFind (slides 42-83)
  • Jan 25th: Greedy+UnionFind (slides 84-125)
  • Jan 27th: Greedy+UnionFind (slides 126-end), DivideConquer (slides 1-18) [HW2 due, HW3 posted]
  • Feb 1st: DivideConquer (slides 19-51)
  • Feb 3rd: [Midterm I (80mins, in class, closed book, closed notes)]
  • Feb 8th: Midterm I review, DivideConquer (slides 52-64)
  • Feb 10th: DivideConquer (slides 65-end), DynProgramming (slides 1-20) [HW3 due, HW4 posted]
  • Feb 15th: DynProgramming (slides 20-50)
  • Feb 17th: DynProgramming (slides 51-63 76-end)
  • Feb 22nd: DynProgramming (slides 64-75), Flow (slides 1-13) [HW4 due]
  • Feb 24th: [Midterm II (80mins, in class, closed book, closed notes)][HW5 posted]
  • Mar 1st: Midterm II review, Flow (slides 13-17)
  • Mar 3rd: Flow (slides 18-36)
  • Mar 8th: Flow (slides 37-end (skipped slides 71 and 72 for lack of time))
  • Mar 10th: Review [HW5 due]
  • Mar 15th: [Final 7-10PM (in class, closed book, closed notes)]
  • Slides

  • Intro [PDF 2pages/slide]
  • Intro to the Analysis of Algorithms [PDF 2pages/slide]
  • String Matching [PDF 2pages/slide]
  • Greedy+UnionFind [PDF 2pages/slide]
  • Divide and conquer [PDF 2pages/slide]
  • Dynamic Programming [PDF 2pages/slide]
  • Flow and Matching [PDF 2pages/slide]
  • Homework


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