CS230 : Computer Graphics

Winter 2012

Lectures: Monday and Wednesday, 3:40pm-5:00pm, in Winston Chung Hall, Room 139.
Instructor: Tamar Shinar (shinar@cs.ucr.edu)
Office hours: After class (in classroom), and Wednesdays, 1-2pm (WCH, Room 419)
Computer Graphics with Open GL, by Hearn, Baker, Carithers
Other resources:
OpenGL Programming Guide, by Shreiner, The Khronos OpenGL ARB Working Group

    An earlier version of the book is available for free online here.
Fundamentals of Computer Graphics, by Shirley, Ashikhmin, Marschner


Course Announcements

Date Announcement
03/19/2012The final project presentations will be Wednesday, 3/21, 3:00pm-6:00pm in WCH Room 139.
02/08/2012Office hours will not be held on Wednesday this week but will resume as usual next week.
02/07/2012Assignment 2 is now posted. Check the schedule for due date.
02/02/2012We will have class Friday, 10 am in Bourns A277 (north wing, next to the bridge)
01/09/2012Submit part 2 of today's in-class quiz at the start of the next lecture. See the schedule for the handout.


This is an introductory, graduate-level course in computer graphics. Topics to be covered include modeling and geometric representations, affine and perspective transforms, rendering with global illumination and other light models, shading and texture mapping, rasterization and anti-aliasing techniques, keyframe animation, and an introduction to physics-based animation.

Assignments and grading

There will be three programming assignments and a final project. These will be assigned in class and details will be posted here. Check the schedule for due dates. You may take a total of 3 late days for the course, to be used on any of Assignments 1-3. The final project must be submitted on time. The assignments are to be done individually. The final project may be done individually or in groups of 2. In-class participation will include occasional, brief quizzes that should be simple if you are attending class and following the material presented in class. The lowest two quiz scores will be dropped.

The grade breakdown is
Assignment 1 20%
Assignment 2 20%
Assignment 3 20%
Project 30%
In-class participation 10%