CS210 : Scientific Computing

Fall 2012

Lectures: Tuesday and Thursday, 5:10 p.m. - 7:00 p.m., in Olmsted Hall, Room 1132.
Instructor: Tamar Shinar (shinar@cs.ucr.edu)
Professor Office hours: Tuesday 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm (WCH, Room 419), and after class
Textbook: Scientific Computing, An Introductory Survey, by Michael T. Heath
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Course Announcements

Date Announcement
10/30Typo in HW3 4(c) fixed.
10/28The midterm will be Tuesday 11/6.
10/14There will be no class on Tuesday evening. Instead we will have class 5:10-8:00 on Thursday evening.
10/14Solutions to HW1 are posted under Assignmments.


This course provides an introduction to key concepts and methods in scientific computing, including solution of linear and non-linear systems of equations, interpolation, numerical integration, matrix computations, etc. The goal is to prepare you to use scientific computing in your area (e.g. graphics, vision, robotics, machine learning, data mining, etc.) or to continue on to further study of special topics in scientific computing.


Midterm 120%
Midterm 220%
Final (optional)40%

Homework will be assigned on Tuesdays and due the following Tuesday, in class. You may opt out of the final exam, in which case the midterms will each count for 40% of your grade.