CS 179N : Computer Graphics

Discussion: Fridays, 11:10 AM - 12:00 PM, zoom link on ilearn
Instructor: Tamar Shinar (shinar@cs.ucr.edu)
Virtual office hours: by appointment

Lab 022: Tuesdays, 11:00 AM - 01:50 PM
Lab 021: Fridays, 02:00 PM - 04:50 PM
TA: Jason Goulding (jgoul004@ucr.edu)
Virtual office hours: by appointment

We will use Piazza for questions and discussion.
Piazza page: here
Piazza signup: here


Course description

Covers the planning, design, implementation, testing, and documentation of a graphics- or electronic game-related system. Incorporates using techniques presented in previous related courses. Emphasizes professional and ethical responsibilities; the need to stay current on technology; and its global impact on economics, society, and the environment.

Course learning goals

The learning goals for the course are the following:

Discussion Plan

Each team is responsible for a technical presentation to be given during the discussion section. The technical presentation consist of two parts:

Attendance and Etiquette

Attendance at discussions and labs is required and counts for part of your participation grade. One unexcused absence from discussion is permitted without penalty. Otherwise, if you cannot make a discussion or lab, please email the instructors ahead of time explaining why you cannot attend. No recording is permitted.


You will be assessed on the following:

Academic Integrity

Your group projects are expected to be original. You must clearly document use of all external tools and resources, including software, geometry, assets, etc. You must comply with all licenses and copyright restrictions, and adhere to attribution guidelines. Please familiarize yourself with the campus academic integrity policy which can be found here.