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  • publication/Young01Sequential.png Mixed packing and covering problems are problems that can be formulated as linear programs using only non-negative coefficients. Examples include multicommodity network flow, the Held-Karp lower bound on TSP, fractional relaxations of set cover, bin-packing, knapsack, scheduling problems, minimum-weight triangulation, etc. This paper gives approximation algorithms for the general class of problems. The sequential algorithm can be implemented to find an \((1\pm\epsilon)\)-approximate solution in \(O(\epsilon^{-2}\log m)\) linear-time iterations.

    For \(\epsilon = O(1)\), these algorithms are currently the fastest known for the general problem. The results generalize previous work on pure packing and covering (the special case when the constraints are all ``less-than'' or all ``greater-than'') by Michael Luby and Noam Nisan [1993]; and Naveen Garg and Jochen Konemann [1998]; and Lisa Fleischer [1999]

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