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See also:

[polynomial-time algorithm]

[minimum-cost spanning tree]

minimum-cost [perfect matching]

minimum-cost [traveling salesman tour]

[Eulerian graph] - graph (or multigraph) where every vertex has even degree

[Eulerian tour] - a tour (cycle) crossing every edge exactly once

[metric graph] - a complete graph with non-negative edge weights satisfying the triangle inequality

minimization problem, maximization problem, c-approximation algorithm

approximation-preserving reduction

maximal matching - matching not contained in any other matching

maximum matching - matching of maximum cardinality

VertexCover? - collection of vertices touching all edges

SteinerTree of a subset S of vertices - a tree containing the vertices in S, and possibly more.

comments: a Steiner tree of S can cost less than the minimum spanning tree of S. Finding a minimum-cost Steiner tree is NP-hard.

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