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Introduction to graphs

Search the web for the [Koenigsberg bridge problem].

In the figure below, it is possible to trace a path with a pencil so that the pencil never leaves the paper, and each line segment in the drawing is crossed exactly once:

upload:s04141_ripleys3.tiff ===> upload:s04141_ripleys2.tiff

Is this possible in this next figure?

figure 1: upload:s04141_ripleys.tiff

Consider the following diagrams:

figure 2: upload:s04141_ripleys4.tiff

figure 3: upload:s04141_ripleys5.tiff

The figure above is a drawing of a graph.

The letters represent nodes (also called vertices) of the graph. The lines connecting pairs of letters represent edges.

Graph terminology:

The question about figure 1 is equivalent to the following question:

Does the graph in figure 3 have a path that uses each edge exactly once?


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