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Practice midterm available here: upload:midterm_practice.pdf .

When will the midterm be?

Friday, week 6 (May 7) in class.

What will the midterm cover?

Material from lecture, homeworks, and programming assignments. Of course you are also responsible for knowing the background material that is prerequisite for the class (O-notation, induction, etc).

What can I bring to the midterm?

Books, notes, etc. but no devices that can be used to communicate with others (cell phone, laptop, etc.).

What will the questions be like?

Expect a mixture of questions demonstrating your knowledge of particular algorithms, data structures, and and techniques that we've seen in class and homeworks, as well as questions asking you to analyze or invent other algorithms or data structures. Review the solutions to homeworks to make sure you understand them.

Will you give out a sample midterm in advance?

I will try to have something out for you by thursday.

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