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prerequisites: [CS 014] with a grade of "C-" or better; MATH 009C or MATH 09HC; MATH 112; proficiency in C++.

previous offering: [Winter, 2004]

instructor: [Neal Young], office Surge 347, (909) 827-7146, <>

instructor office hours: Tu 4:10-5:30PM (or until queue is empty), We 4:10-5:30PM (or until queue is empty), or by appointment

class room: [SPR] 2340

class schedule: MWF 10:10-11AM (section 1), MWF 11:10-12AM (section 2)

lab: Surge 171; Th 11:10AM-2PM (section 21), Th 2:10-5PM (section 22), W 2:10-5PM (section 23) - participation is mandatory

mailing list: - subscribe using a UCR email address (not hotmail, yahoo, etc.)

teaching assistants: [Anna Majkowska] <> (W 2-5 lab), [Wojciech Jawor] <> (Th 11-2 lab), [Lan Liu] <> (Th 2-5 lab)

text: [Algorithm Design] (Foundations, Analysis, and Internet Examples) by Michael T. Goodrich and Roberto Tamassia, Wiley.

grading: 3-4 homeworks (20%), 3-4 projects (25%), lab participation (5%), class participation (5%), one midterm (20%), final exam (25%)

grading scale (cutoff, grade) 0-50 F, 50-52 D-, 52-57 D, 57-60 D+, 60-63 C-, 63-67 C, 67-70 C+, 70-73 B-, 73-77 B, 77-80 B+, 80-85 A-, 85-90 A, 90-100 A+

Course Policies

Written Assignments:

  1. Write your full name with upper-case LAST name, assignment number, SSN, login, class section, lab section.
  2. Write legibly: what cannot be read will not be graded. Consider typing the assignment if your handwriting is hard to read.
  3. Written assignments have to be placed on my desk at the front of the classroom before the beginning of the class on the due date.
  4. Return your graded assignments one week after they are given to you.

Programming Assignments:

  1. Programs must compile with gcc/g++ under Linux.
  2. Use several .cpp/.cc and .h files and makefiles as appropriate.
  3. Write programs in a structured and understandable way.
  4. Grade will be based on correctness, readability, and efficiency.
  5. Each source code file should begin with the /ReportTemplateHeader .
  6. Submit programming assignments electronically (instructions on how to turn in your code will be given during the labs).


  1. Assignments and solutions will be posted on the class homepage.
  2. No late assignments will be accepted (no exceptions).
  3. It is not allowed to share, or allow to be copied, your written work (including code) with anyone.
  4. It is not allowed to copy anyone else's written work.
  5. If we catch you cheating, we will deal with you according to [UCR and CSE policies] (typically you will flunk the course).
  6. It is allowed to...

If you have questions about these policies, ask the instructor, your TA, or post to the mailing list.

If you have questions about how to do an assignment, or about grading, ask your TA first, then your instructor.

If you have questions about what the assignment is, ask your TA first, then your instructor, or post to the mailing list.

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