Teach To Learn is an effort to have ugrads teach in community colleges and highschools on a voluntary basis. The incubator for this is the ACM club but we want to extend it to the whole campus eventually. The idea is that we want to help the community by sharing knowledge and know how.

The effort can have tremendous impact on the life of students that have less opportunities: lack of wealth, lack of support from school, poor schooling, work and study and the list goes on. So the goal is to do something good for someone else for a change.

The indirect benefits for the teachers are that students will feel proud, useful and experience in teaching, and become more responsible in their approach to learning and life in general.

Faculty Coordinators: Brian Linard and Michalis Faloutsos
with the help of the ACM club in UCR.
How can you join? Send an email to ACM mailing list: post to ACM list
You may want to join the list or view old postings: ACM list site.

Affiliate Schools and Centers:

  • Mead Valley Community Center,
    21091 Rider Str, Perris, CA 92570
    Tel: 909 or951 657-0685

    The first effort was a tremendous success. Shashwati Kasetty and Konrad Ferguson taught for a month (Jul 2004). The class involved 8-10 students mostly adults, who were thrilled with what they learned from the two instructors.
    This is a link with the hadnouts given: syllabus and the handouts per week: Syllabus.doc, TTL-1-intro.doc, Email, Internet, Word.