CSC 302: Apprentice Teaching

This quarter we do technical presentations.

Class Conflicts: All people that have a time conflict with 302 will have to prepare and send me slides for a 20' presentation. I will review it and may ask you to resubmit an improved version.

People without time conflict have to appear in most classes.

It is not required that you follow the suggested guideline below, but you presentation should be GOOD.

Guidelines for a presentation.

Topic: You can pick the topic, but the indented audience is fellow grad students: nothing too detailed...

People that did presentations in the class will also have to bring me copies of their slides (more than one in a page is also good, but no more than 4 in page).

Slide readability: your slides should be readable as a stand alone document that someone should follow in general although s/he may not understand all the details. I explained in class the reasons for this.